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These 6 kinds of nuts for pregnant women to eat the best, but these 4 kinds of nuts must not eat! – Sohu maternal life, many friends love to eat nuts, in the past, a lot of people know that pregnant mothers eat walnuts can produce smart baby. Nuts are rich in nutritional value, pregnant women can eat edible nuts to health and fetal development. So what are the advantages of pregnant mothers to eat nuts for pregnant women to eat what are the nuts and nuts will be introduced to you for your reference. Pregnant mother the benefits of eating nuts 1, help children to prevent food allergies analysis found that women are often not allergic to nuts to eat nuts in the pregnancy (more than 5 times a week), the day after the baby nut allergy probability is greatly reduced. The new study further suggests that early exposure to allergens can enhance children’s tolerance to allergens and reduce the risk of food allergies in children. If pregnant women are not nut allergies, can often eat some nuts, can not only add a kind of important nutrients, but also reduce the risk of the baby after suffering from allergic diseases. Therefore, not only by the mother’s favorite nut, baby is also quite like. Not allergic to nuts mummy, may wish to eat this delicious ingredients as a snack bar. From the nutritional value of nuts, these foods are rich in nutrients, high energy, high fat, high carbohydrate is one of the characteristics of nuts. Some people are worried that pregnant women can not eat high-fat foods. Here to remind you that, although the high oil content of nuts, but it is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, not only can reduce cholesterol, but also help to improve blood sugar. Eating the right amount does not cause weight gain. Moreover, the content of essential fatty acids in the body of the nuts in the high, rich in lecithin, a brain brain function. 2, the role of the brain development of nuts in the fat to the brain to provide excellent rich in fat, can promote the development of brain cells and the formation of nerve fiber myelin sheath, and to ensure their good function. The best foods are sesame, walnut, natural state of the animals and other nuts. Walnut is rich in protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other trace elements, especially the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in the baby’s brain development is extremely beneficial. 3, the vision of the development of the function of the nut but has a role in promoting the linoleic acid and linolenic acid contained in the synthesis of DHA and AA can improve on the retina, the vitamin and calcium, zinc and other minerals on the development of normal visual acuity had direct effect. Scientists have also found that proper chewing is also conducive to the improvement of vision. Because the choroid of the eye has a regulating effect on the eye lens, and the regulating function of the choroid depends on the facial muscle strength. What to eat nuts during pregnancy? 1, peanut peanut peanut rich in iron, with blood effect. The protein content of peanut kernel is as high as 30%, its nutritional value can be compared with egg, milk, lean meat and so on, and it is easy to be absorbed by human body. 2, filbert mainly distributed in North China, in foreign countries mainly distributed in West Asia and the mediterranean.相关的主题文章:

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