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Business The usual machine shop is a workplace that dates back to a long time ago, it is a place where people carry out activities like construction and repair and mechanical manufacturing. Over time the machine shop has given birth to the workshop, the laboratory and industrial workshop. The machine shop can house work benches, measurement tools, equipments, handy tools, machine tools, metal minutia, nuts and bolts, screws, and many others depending on the manufacturing field in which products should be applied: heavy mechanic, precision, automotive, railway, nautical etc. Here there are workers and specialized technicians, for example designers, millers, lathe turners, lappers, and mechanics. It is organized in various departments, among which the ones for the workplace, the machine tools, the warehouse for the materials. In the machine shop the most different kind of manufacturing and mechanical building take place. For this reason it is necessary to have a lot of tools, instruments and machine tools. In Italy there are obviously a lot of enterprises that deal with mechanical manufacture and precision mechanical manufacture. Machine shops are really numerous on the whole territory, but the most important fact really worth noting is the elevated level reached by these machine shops. These are able to develop various kinds of products, down to the smaller parts that require a very high precision degree. Some very important manufactures are for example the boring or cylinder bore, this is the process of enlarging a hole that has already been drilled (or cast), by means of a single-point cutting tool. Or the broaching, that is a mechanical process for the creation of gears, while the thread is the process used to create the internal thread to the bores or external to the cylindrical and conical pieces. An always necessary instrument on every machine shop is the lathe. There are many kind of lathe, such as the woodworking lathe, the metalworking lathe, cue lathes and so on. The mechanical lathe is a fundamental manufacture inside the machine shop, because it allows realizing a lot of materials with the best precision and in less time possible. It is important not to underrate the importance of these manufactures for the Italian industry, first of all because they operate in various sectors, a precision machine shop can create products really necessary for the medical, dental, but even aerospace etc. sector enterprises. Then, analyzing the data on patents, from the total 846.955 patent requests published from the EPO (European Patent Office) between 1999 and 2006, just 27.616 are from Italy, they increased on the average about 4,9% every year. The trend seems to be positive. But, although it is in pole position in .parison to some European country, especially on innovative brands, Italy results in the fourth last place in the ranking of G9 countries. Italy is fiercely preceded from Germany and followed just by Russia and China. Among the G9 group, the Italian excellence is especially based on the mechanical machine sector, on the motors and mechanical accessories sectors, with some points of high technological specialization in the processes, machines and manufacturing instruments; vehicles and accessories. The precision mechanical manufacture sector appears to be of vital importance for our country. Not just our enterprises can .pete on the same level with their European .petitors, but it is a sector that is distinguished from all others Italian industrial sectors by its dynamism and innovation skills. These are fundamental quality to quickly and efficiently with the actual economic crisis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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