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"Political governance lazy lazy governance is not an official" theory seminar in Henan Zheng held Net – people.com.cn original title: "political governance lazy lazy governance is not an official" theory seminar in Zheng Juhang in view of the existence of some parts of the crown is not the problem, in October 8th the administration, the provincial civil Service Bureau in Zhengzhou Province jointly organized the "political governance lazy lazy governance is not an official" theory seminar. "Current" is not an official "has three main types: the lack of" power shortage ", not" don’t want to play "," not for the lack of "the most damaging, the worst affected, the most common is the latter two cases." Vice president of the Chinese society of administration, Wujiang, said at the meeting. In recent years, the phenomenon that cadres are not officials, lazy government, lazy politics has occurred. Only in 2015, our province carried out lazy politics, lazy government, officials are not special governance activities, dealing with 2537 people. According to a survey carried out in our province, 8325 of the respondents, 97.6% of people think that around the Party cadres style of work is improved, while 68.2% of the respondents believed that the leading cadres of the current slow as administrative delays, buck passing, the low efficiency problem. According to the arrangements of the provincial government, this year in the province to carry out "lazy politics, lazy politics, the official is not responsible for the year" activities. Experts attending the seminar suggested to promote the assessment work and improve the performance evaluation system combine to really make the civil servants pressure, Tim power, increase vitality, "good for". Zhengzhou University School of public administration, President Gao Weixing, North China University of water conservancy and Hydropower Research Department Director of independent cultural scholars such as Qiao Defu also on how governance is not official phenomenon and put forward opinions and suggestions. The 7 (commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Shang Mingzhen)

“治理懒政怠政为官不为”理论研讨会在郑举行–河南分网–人民网 原标题:“治理懒政怠政为官不为”理论研讨会在郑举行   针对当前一些地方存在的“为官不为”问题,10月8日,省公务员局、省行政管理学会在郑州联合举办了“治理懒政怠政为官不为”理论研讨会。   “当前‘为官不为’主要有三种情况:能力不足‘不能为’、动力不足‘不想为’、担当不足‘不敢为’,其中危害最大、影响最坏、最为普遍的是后两种情况。”中国行政管理学会副会长吴江在会上表示。   近年来,干部为官不为、懒政怠政现象时有发生。仅2015年,我省开展懒政怠政、为官不为专项治理活动期间,就处理了2537人。我省开展的一项调查显示,在8325名被访者中,97.6%的人认为身边党员干部的工作作风得到改进,同时有68.2%的被访者认为当前领导干部慢作为、办事拖延、推诿扯皮、效率低下的问题突出。   根据省政府安排,今年在全省上下开展“懒政怠政为官不为问责年”活动。参加研讨会的专家建议,要把推进考核工作和完善考核制度结合起来,真正使公务员有压力、添动力、增活力、“好好为”。郑州大学公共管理学院院长高卫星、华北水利水电大学廉政文化研究室主任乔德福等学者还就如何治理“为官不为”现象等提出了意见和建议。③7 (责编:杨晓娜、尚明桢)相关的主题文章:

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