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Please the goddess man will put this car to capture the hearts and minds – Sohu in 2016, a variety of "copycat JiaBuZhu double eleven" cut the hand of Online Shopping Festival, you guys your money right? In addition, the truth uncle also found a secret, a lot of pregnant women recently, the goddess of mothers have started a variety of online shopping baby thing, there are wood? To know that there is a baby, it becomes a husband second, the baby first, then want to please the goddess, do you guys want to do some homework in advance? If the goddess of the net purchase of child safety seats, no one guide how to do? Today, the truth will help you to help guide the fans. In the period of "80 after 90 after 00 must cut into the car seat of the secret" (in addition to the store to buy a child safety seat, now more and more consumers choose online shopping, because online shopping is not only more convenient, there is no "force that" marketing personnel, and the most important is often the price is cheaper. But online shopping has a problem, there is no guidance on child safety seat mounted to the car, this may be a big problem, but we do not have to worry, today we are on hand to teach you how to install a child safety seat. The articles we mentioned, child safety seats have front body seats and five point seat belt two, and the two seat fixed in the car is slightly different, the main difference is the front body seat is caused by the car to protect the baby’s safety, and the five point safety belt is the child seat with the safety and protection of the baby. First we will introduce the installation method of front body seat, we suggest that you do not the child safety seat placed in the copilot position, the risk coefficient of uncertainty will be higher, the most important is that there will be a passenger airbag, if placed the seat, the airbag must be closed. Either the ISOFIX or the LATCH interface, the gap between the backrest and the seat of the rear seat, there will be a child safety seat in the interface, but some car seat interface is quite obvious, and most models hidden in the gap between the interface, interface is not obvious for cars can use child safety seat interface with the expansion device the plug-in is more convenient. Usually in the lower part of the child safety seat will have a ISOFIX interface switch, push switch, child safety seat ISOFIX interface will be extended from the hidden state. At this time, the seat alignment interface card to push into place, the child safety seat so that the front body even fixed well, very simple, if it is LATCH interface, then the safety belt hook fixed back to. Front body child safety seat, so children need to sit in the child safety seat, then the body is placed on the child’s stomach before the knee, and then pull out the safety belt on the car, the safety belt slot through the seat back side, the safety belt is fixed on the chest with a child chest, with fixed on the card in the tank body, the safety belt is tied to the car seat buckle can. If you remove the seat is also very simple, only need to move the small switch socket, you can put the child safety seat from)相关的主题文章:

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