Playstation 3 Games Review – Resident Evil 5-ssdao

Games Among all horror games, it can be said that if Resident Evil Series is the king of horror games. When the first time released in 1996 for Playstation Console, RE Directors’ Cut, it took so much attention of gamers. (Well, i’ve followed all the series from the first game and if you are fans of these series, you might realize the great innovation of RE Series) Resident Evil (RE) Series Have changed from survival horror games to amazing action shooting games. This innovation is started from RE4 and adopted by RE5. No more silly puzzle, no more silly zombies, and no more bad angles. Story You will play as Chris Redfield who is .manded to stop a black market weapons deal in Kijuju Village, Africa. Gameplay The gameplay is similar with the previous game, you control the hero, Chris Redfield, in a third person perspective. You will spend most of your time by killing zombies with your gun. This is the best part of this game (and also the most addictive part) and i’m sure if action gamers will love the game. Note that RE5 is not like ordinary shooting game. You can’t move when you target the enemies. You also need to save your ammo or you will run out of these items. In this game you are not alone. You will play with a partner named Sheva Alomar. Unfortunately, she is not too smart (if you give her health items, she will heal you even if you are fine). Controversy Some gamers claim that if this game is racism, since zombies in this game are african people. Of course it is not true. Cap., as the publisher can’t be blamed as zombies are only part of the story of this game. Thanks for reading… About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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