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Satellite-TV Anyone considering putting their large screen TV up on the wall may be daunted by the thought of doing it themselves. If so you might want to call us and let us undertake your wall mounting professionally. We carry out LED, LCD and Plasma TV installation and provide everything needed to get your screen on the wall securely. Give us a call at Aerial Installation London and talk to us about your requirements for TV wall mounting. We Supply a Range Of Brackets We provide a range of wall brackets to suit the needs of everyone. You might want to have your flat screen wall mounted to turn your large screen TV into a cinema like experience. Large flat screens just an inch or so in depth look superb when wall mounted with a flush bracket as it shows off the shallow depth of your plasma screen to its best advantage. This is the best type of bracket if you want to bring the cinema right into your own living room. If you have the need to tilt your screen to get the best angle possible then you might want to consider the tilting wall bracket. This bracket is excellent in a wide range of situations where you may be able to benefit from being able to tilt your screen by a few degrees up and down. Should you want a great deal more in flexibility you can consider the fully articulated wall bracket which is excellent in just about any room of the house. However you do have to bear in mind that the articulated wall bracket is meant to swing your screen to face whatever part of the room you should be in. You can even swing the screen out of the way when it is not in use. With this in mind it may not be suitable for very large plasma TV installation. However it is a great type of bracket for those who have more than one main viewing area in the room. The articulated bracket can be moved easily to face just about anywhere you want and it can also be tilted up and down to find that perfect viewing angle. We can provide you with more advice and information about all aspects of Plasma TV installation here at Aerial Installation London. We may be able to provide residents in the London region with a same or next day wall mounting service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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