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Health We live in a world today where, with very little warning, a disaster such as flash floods, tornado, and downburst winds can strike quickly. These weather occurrences can force you to evacuate your home or confine you to your home until help arrives. An individual, as well as families, can cope better with disaster by thinking ahead and preparing in advance. One of the best ways to prepare ahead is to purchase survival kits to ensure that the necessities are at hand when desperately needed. survival kits are used as a grab and go convenience when time is of the essence. An example of this is a forest fire that is rapidly approaching your home and having a survival kit ready for your evacuation is a .fort at a time of high stress, with little time to think. A flooding situation can also cut off evacuation routes and time management can be critical. Having a survival kit ready will help you bug out in a hurry before you are cut off. Having emergency kits in your car that may include a battery powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, maps, blanket, first aid kit, shovel, bottled water, and non-perishable foods are also an important consideration. Emergency kits are available with provisions for one person or more that can last up to three days. These emergency kits for your home shelf should also include a supply of water, food that won’t spoil, first aid items and other supplies conveniently pre-packaged ready for your short-term stay away from home. Having these items packaged and ready, should a disaster be eminent, provides the personal preparedness essential for everyone that may face a disaster scenario where evacuation is a strong possibility. There are also kits available that will serve an office staff of up to 25 people. These kits can be an asset in any business, and shows that a business sincerely cares about the well-being of their employees should a disaster strike. If you are a member of a neighborhood association or organization, then introducing disaster preparedness to your friends and neighbors can bring .fort should disaster threaten your .munity. When a disaster takes place volunteers initially .e forward to help. These volunteers are usually your next-door neighbors who want to lend a hand. There is a training program known as the .munity Emergency Response Team that would be beneficial for any association member to attend. There are cert kits available for the CERT program, which include quantities of various items including tents, water supplies, blankets, first aid products and other CERT supplies that are consistent with governing standards for disaster preparedness. The cert kits are the supplies you need for an annual exercise to insure everyone knows their link in the chain of assistance that may save lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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