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Oral: I’m not paid cards, each wife intercourse to 300 pieces, I was my mother scold miserably before marriage, I have been out of work for four years, my salary card is my mother for me, in fact, at the moment I was reluctant, an adult myself money can not control their own, and what. But no way, she always said what until you are married to you, for you to take care of to put money, or else you hold monthly money after what wife. Although I was not willing to listen to her, but that I have no way, my money is indeed relatively wasteful. After the wedding, my mother still refused to pay the card to me, every time you want to find her, she would find all sorts of excuses, "my wife know the wage cards in her there not happy to divorce, I spent a tremendous effort, from my mother’s pay card to the back, originally I think this can always control myself. But to the back, to keep my wife said, married couples wife said by keeping wages as unalterable principles. I’m tired of not wage card life, before my mother there, looking for my mother for money, even one hundred dollars to explain half a day, I have a twenty several fast thirty big men, pocket not even a few hundred dollars, is really what bound hands and feet. Even the usually party colleagues I do not dare to go, because they always treat me feel shy. My wife said, I took the money to the mortgage, the rest of the money, I’m going to financial investment, you don’t understand it, say, you are a girl, you get rid of a monthly salary of five thousand, 2000 domestic, 3 thousand left, you can spend, not to do what my salary then, the wife heard or make a few times, but I never promised her. After the first sexual intercourse, she learned those women outside the scene of debauchery coquetry, with me three hundred dollars, I feel that, quite interesting, gave her five hundred, she cheerfully praised me generous. Unexpectedly, after that, before each time she found the real me for money, do not give money to forbid me to touch, the beginning of what she said is what, every time to give her the money, but later I see something wrong, a 30 thousand, not much time is spent thousands. Later several times down, I will not touch her in order to save money, did not think she was forced to touch me, and afterward or find me for money, not to where all NaoPiQi, one month down, my wages are eight thousand dollars when my mother’s birthday There is not much left., I have no money to give gifts. Prior to this, I will be her birthday every year to buy a gift for her. I was my mother scold miserably that day, she cried, scold me married daughter-in-law forget Niang, even her birthday gift to send. Actually I was suffering, but this kind of thing how dare I say it. I said this to my wife, I was trying to get her sympathy, so she will not do it again. But my wife and I listen to refute said: "she was so big, what I usually need to point to her with complete, but also what birthday gift, say, so many years you didn’t buy me a birthday gift." My wife said to do, shoot two hawks with one arrow).相关的主题文章:

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