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Online shopping goods and shopping malls can see different electricity supplier for "whether it is worthwhile to order? With the "double eleven" is approaching, the major electricity supplier brand of the year war broke out. The hand chop party eager for a fight to buy buy buy, but based on past experience, it is easy to appear "a single cool, receiving a face," situation. There are a lot of friends Tucao, in order to buy genuine out flagship store orders, but the hand accidentally becomes a "supplier for" version, the old heart felt at ease. So, in the eyes of some consumers feel suspicious electricity supplier in the end of the supply should not be single? "The same paragraph" roll paper online price lower? The original is only shrink version of the regular online shopping consumers are not difficult to find, and now the mall is also a common brand on the Internet are also the official flagship store. Daily necessities, clothing, shoes, gold and silver jewelry, household appliances, etc.. Many consumers have gradually accepted the online shopping brand goods consumption patterns, with a lower discount to buy famous goods. At the same time, more goods were marked "for the electricity supplier" label. Ms. Wang is a love at home shopping Master, don’t look at Sunday is usually the pajama is not even out of the door, but the life required for daily necessities as missing, home arranged in good order. Her secret is the online shopping, small to toilet paper, cotton pad, a large bookcase closet refrigerator, can get from the internet. In her opinion, online shopping is not only convenient, more important is cheap. In order to ensure the online shopping goods are genuine, large business platform usually had only in a few trustworthy stores or official flagship store to buy. But in the past few days a shopping experience called Ms. Wang this "online shopping Master" made a whisper. "Usually home paper towels and toilet paper I are bought from the Internet, but there is a family emergency from the supermarket to buy a bag of breeze rolls back found than in line to buy the same product of some thick. Then I left the one son, buy carefully than the one found ‘Maoni’. Supermarket to sell the volume of paper to write a roll of paper is the weight of 155 grams, but did not write the number of grams to buy online, but wrote the 270 paragraph. Two rolls of paper on the packaging of the details are different, the rest are consistent." Ms. Wang carefully according to the online shopping paper packaging cartons written on the FCL grams calculated each roll of paper weight, the result is 132 grams. It is no wonder that the price difference is still a lot, I thought it was only on the Internet to buy the box, according to the wholesale price is taken, I did not expect there are some subtle differences." Beijing Morning Post reporter found in a certain electricity supplier website, Ms. Wang said the wind rolled paper, the page prompts the commodity is electricity supplier sales". Many consumers in the purchase of goods advisory column asked each roll of paper weight, but the customer service response are calculated according to the number of segments of this product, whether it is g". Therefore, although the price of the supermarket and a lot cheaper, but in fact, it is difficult for consumers to find the weight of this paper towel is inconsistent with the supermarket is not the same paragraph". "For business" does not express in addition to deceive consumers that roll Ms. Wang contrast, students Xiao Zhou also found that online shopping wool scarf "hair". Want to give his mother a scarf, the mall price basically in 6 Shu相关的主题文章:

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