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Officials said the fossil energy grid is still love water abandoned abandoned abandoned light wind and the grim situation of new energy "13th Five-Year" target set: strive to reach 150 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation reporter Wilde reported in Beijing in September 13th at the "renewable energy law" the implementation of the ten anniversary of the forum, the national energy board, new energy and renewable energy secretary Zhu Ming introduced the state is the preparation of the drafting of the "renewable energy development plan", "13th Five-Year" preliminary "clear renewable energy development goals in 13th Five-Year" period. Specifically, by 2020, and strive to reach 150 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal power generation reached 5 million kilowatts, and strive to reach 250 million kilowatts of wind power. Zhu Ming analysis, the key problems of the renewable energy industry policy in China is part of the implementation of the policy is not in place, is a typical representative of the "renewable energy law" the full protection of the acquisition policies in place, renewable energy subsidies policy lag problems, renewable energy and fossil energy priority scheduling policy by local government interference impact etc. that has become a key issue restricting the healthy development of renewable energy in china. Zhu Ming said, has released "renewable energy full protection of the acquisition management measures" clear wind power, photovoltaic power generation requirements related to full protection of the acquisition, but the future work has focused on accountability, and by means of energy regulation, strengthen the implementation and safeguard effect. Vice chairman of the National People’s Congress in a written statement, Meng Wei pointed out that the key to promote the further development of renewable energy is the full implementation of the renewable energy law. The next step will be to strengthen the implementation of renewable energy law summary and assessment. "Abandoned abandoned water, wind, abandoned light" the grim situation of Zhu Ming, although the "renewable energy law" the implementation of the ten anniversary, but many local governments, power grids, power generation and energy companies are still not face up to the status of renewable energy sources, still love with fossil energy. At present, the southwest abandoned water, three North Region abandoned wind situation intensified, has become the biggest bottleneck in the development of renewable energy. The National Renewable Energy Center Director Wang Zhongying, one of the two major problems encountered in the development of renewable energy is the first grid system implementation is not in place, the abandoned abandoned wind light phenomenon is serious, the first half of 2016, the country abandoned 32 billion 600 million kwh of wind power, abandoned light electricity 37 kilowatt hours. Guodian deputy general manager Xie Changjun introduction, the first half of this year, the rate of abandoned wind reached 21%, more than 17% in 2013, reaching the highest value in seven provinces, three north area reached or close to 20%, Xinjiang and Gansu and even reached 47% and 45%. In the economic growth is weak, the national power overcapacity in the background, abandoned water, abandoned wind problem in the short term it is difficult to crack, and the potential for further deterioration." Xie Changjun analysis. The National Climate Center for strategic and international cooperation strategy research center director Li Junfeng introduced, although the "abandoned abandoned water, wind, abandoned light" phenomenon is so serious, but did not happen with the renewable energy enterprise rights law case. This shows that the rule of law can still be a long way. Xie Changjun suggestion theory相关的主题文章:

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