Novice drivers will drive first hit a big hole in the

Novice drivers will drive first hit a big hole in houses from Yubei District Traffic and Patrol Police News: November 1st, newly licensed Yubei District Tongjing town guy Huang first car driving alone, because his heart is not fine, panic, first back into another car, then the foot pedal down, and the wall houses hit a hole of 2 square meters, nearly kills. Because of the "heart itch, want to test, but not to weigh their own driving skills, either the results of the storm. The 1 day morning 10 am, Yubei branch Traffic and Patrol Police Detachment patrol brigade carrier public police received a public warning that occurred two car in Yubei District road accident Tong Jing Zhen jing. The police just put down the phone, and then received a police said the villagers, the traffic accident vehicle damaged houses at the same place. Police alarm, rushed to the scene of the accident. At the scene of the accident, the police saw a grey Wuling van veered off the road, the roadside houses knocked out of a big hole of 2 square meters, the bricks scattered on the ground, front of the van was also made "". The van rear window glass was broken, the tail was in, the whole car almost scrapped, but fortunately no casualties. In the accident vehicle side, a 20 year old young man pale, trembling, non-stop automatic speaking: "scared to death me, scared me……" It turned out that he was the driver hwang. Police investigation that, the original, received two from the police, the vehicle is actually in front of the van, the driver is hwang. Police check the driver Hwang documents found that Hwang was in October 31st to get a driver’s license, that is to get a driver’s license to drive out the first day of the accident. In the investigation, Hwang told police: "I fear…… I just got my driver’s license…… See a car, my heart itch, want to try to open a separate…… I just put the family van out, ready to reverse, but slam the throttle, ‘boom’ is a bump on the side of a Volkswagen sedan. The moment I saw the accident, I was more nervous and confused. As soon as possible to hang up the forward gear, I stepped on the accelerator…… Did not expect…… The van like a wild horse, "bass" out rushed, watched the car crashed into the walls of houses……" Fortunately, Huang Department of the seat belt, was not injured in the accident. Huang said, just to get a driver’s license, plus the usual driving in practice much, rough technology, lack of confidence, the results of the first single car driving, causing such a car accident. Fortunately, no one in the house, if there is someone in, it would have to life! Too terrible, do not want to think……" Huang said with a trembling. To understand what had happened, the police were criticized for Hwang adventure on the road dangerous behavior. The police told Huang, traffic safety is no small matter, once drove, any action on the relationship of their own and others safety of life and property, even to get a driver’s license, can not be out of curiosity to drive alone, otherwise only is harmful to others, too late for regrets. Driver Hwang driving improper operation caused by traffic accidents, bear the full responsibility of the accident, the accident caused by housing repair, vehicle maintenance costs nearly 100 thousand yuan, the whole.相关的主题文章:

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