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Not far from Hefei, a small mountain village, the United States over Jiuzhaigou, Yan Guo Kanas! If the Sohu tourism in southern Anhui Huizhou, the first thought should be Hongcun? In fact, there is a village only 2 km away from Hongcun, as the elegant Huizhou architecture, and there are no less than Jiuzhaigou, inferior to Xinjiang Kanas autumn. The place name, the! How the United States? The autumn is like a painting when it comes to a riot of colours of autumn in Anhui, the thought of the. Of course, the fall should not only belong to the. However, in my heart, only to see the entire autumn Tachuan style. The aka tower, is located in the Anhui Huangshan City Yixian County border Lian Zhen Huizhou village, is a unique charm of the mountain village of Yixian County Taoyuan many beautiful and rich natural villages. The ancient dwellings built by the mountain, layered like pagodas and streams, through the village and named. The "Tachuan autumn" is the most famous, the tallow trees all over the mountains and plains show green, yellow and red colors, white walls and black tiles fields village rising wave of smoke, like a painting. Although not as good as Hongcun Tachuan fame, but is indeed Tachuan autumn photographers are eager to go places. The autumn in the mountains, in the sunset in storied stroll in the village, not only can enjoy the simple pleasures of life pure mountain villagers, and can enjoy the "river around the front room" and "Zhushan yingti", "the cave" wonderful landscape. Backed by the towering mountains southwest of Mount Huangshan yellow mountain, to the distant blue waves of the ten Ricci Lake villa. Fenqiangdaiwa, cornices two, building thirty ancient houses built and built, layered, well-proportioned. Every autumn Tachuan will have, painting lovers here to paint painting, poetic sound, very appropriate. Into the village, will find the real intention of the autumn. The pursuit of "distance" of the United States, is just a foil. A lot of casual scenery really can not swing. In the courtyard of the persimmon red, it finds out the head, looked at the wall of the outside world. The window of the old camphor tree and red leaves fall to the ground, a thick layer is over three feet high. Through the village and the stream still flows slowly, without a word, like a static beautiful girl, her hair is also charged with a few leaves. Look at the gray tile roof, and the white wall tile on the eaves, cats and dogs get along well, each enjoying the autumn leisurely. The autumn perched in front of the court house, ordinary alleys in the white walls and grey tiles hidden in ancient wood in the forest, the little yellow Luohong leaves, indistinct exposed cornices houses. Don’t walk into the village, was standing by the roadside, up early, waiting for the smoke rising, lucky, can also hear a rooster crow voice. Of course, the alley is often the barking of the dog. Cenglinjinran shanse, a world village, this is the best scenery in autumn. The ancient village through the forest, according to the 8 steps along the stream相关的主题文章:

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