No one deep space why suffered the embarrassment of polarization evaluation

"No one deep space" why suffered the embarrassment of polarization evaluation? No deep space area [Sina video game copyright forbidden reprint] polarized evaluation, for a video game works, is not a good thing. Because of poor evaluation, whether it is the spread of the cost or the speed of transmission, are better than the praise of the low and fierce, the so-called good things do not go out, bad news thousands of miles is the truth. Finally it is the impact of the work, is the result of shortcomings in the invisible is rendered to the maximum, and it will become increasingly difficult to highlight the advantages, the recent hot "unmanned deep space", is undoubtedly the most vivid interpretation of this theory. An analysis of "deep space" no embarrassment and great disadvantages: dishonesty, of course, my aim is not to "no deep space" forced excuse, because it is so much and obviously: optimizing the poor, picture has shrunk, monotonous, awkward gameplay, and so on, so much. But the above problem for us for several years or even decades of game of life, there is the influence of fog and haze in general: they forthrightly often appear, we see already helpless, so the above problem is a common problem in the electronic game industry, "no deep space" of course also difficult to escape. Moreover, if "only" there is no deep space above questions, it also sit on the throne, "commented polarization" really be "empty" send no deep embarrassment of the cycle path is its own wrong version of goods, direct point that is not honest! "No deep space" suction eye tour, originally from the 2014 E3 conference SONY booth, a 6 minute presentation to make all the audience consistent praise, "the real star crossing!" And the possibility of exploring the endless universe!" The evaluation on the Internet is forwarded to millions of times; followed by the 2015 "best electronic game design award", there is no suspense is "no deep space" won; then the director Spielberg, President of SPACEX Sima, and Kardashian g rap king Kanye’s husband? All of "unmanned deep space" appreciation to contact, and even later in depth; SKY TV and Geni cap program name legal dispute the right to use the dispute have "no deep space" has been covered with a layer of intriguing shadow, but its attention not fall, for two consecutive years ranked among the "top 10 Internet hot words". What does this mean for players? "No one" deep space publicity for the game to attract its attention to bear the means that we always think that "no deep space" is a hitherto unknown, the great revolutionary universe sandbox game, we can’t wait for it to come, we expect it can change our view of the sandbox game we, even to subvert the electronic game concept trip level. Can we get in the end is such a mediocre work, yes, I used the word "average", I know it’s a 18446744073709551616 planet is to be excavated, but if the 10 planet exploration process are.相关的主题文章:

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