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Ni Yuefeng: put the "five stack" opportunities into the capital development advantages of the new network in the original title: Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ni Yuefeng: put the "five stack" opportunities into the capital development advantages of Fuzhou Beijing, September 26, (Yan Xu Liu Kegeng) "with the strategic opportunities, earnestly implement the major strategic granted by the state. System and mechanism innovation, to release the bonus reform," five superposition "capital advantages into development advantages." 26, the Communist Party of Fuzhou China Eleventh Congress opening, the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and Secretary of Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ni Yuefeng on behalf of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee for the tenth session of the report is that. "Five" are Fuzhou District, Hester core area, Fujian FTA test area in Fuzhou area, the national ecological civilization pilot area, National Innovation Demonstration Zone in Fuzhou area. The next five years, Fuzhou will strive to expand the space for greater development, foster greater momentum of development. In September 26th, the Communist Party of Fuzhou Chinese Eleventh Congress opened in Fuzhou, the CPC Fujian provincial Party committee, discipline committee, Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Ni Yuefeng on behalf of the CPC Fuzhou Committee of the tenth report to the general assembly. Reporter Liu Kegeng photo with the central government’s support for Fujian continued to increase, the strategic position of the Minjiang port Golden Triangle economic circle further highlights. Ni Yuefeng said, "five superposition" effect is bound to accelerate the release of major opportunities, Fuzhou usher in a rare opportunity in history, the most optimal, the most intensive golden period of development. He put forward the main development goals in the next five years in Fuzhou: Fuzhou new construction has made a major breakthrough, become the new engine to accelerate the development of the province’s GDP; the average annual growth of around 9%, the total economy in more than doubled in 2010; "The Belt and Road" strategic depth implementation, the free trade zone in Fujian Fuzhou area construction a major breakthrough, open and improve the level of economic development, independent innovation demonstration zone to accelerate the construction of Fuzhou area. September 26th, the Eleventh Congress of the Communist Party of China in Fuzhou opened in Fuzhou. Reporter Liu Kegeng photo Fuzhou district focus on opening up and development, Ni Yuefeng said, Fuzhou will strive to build the experimental field of reform and opening up, with the administrative management system, investment and trade facilitation mechanism as the focus, to explore the establishment of institutional mechanisms for dynamic, efficient, more open, and strive to build a strong national district with regional economic influence, power and environment attractive, to play a leading role in the demonstration in the new round of reform and opening up. Comprehensive innovation into the construction mechanism of Hester core area, Fuzhou will speed up the interconnection hub, economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges base platform construction, higher level, strengthen cooperation and open sea countries and regions along the broader areas, building Seacell strategic pivot city. Accelerate the construction of Fujian FTA test area construction in Fuzhou area, the investment management, trade, financial services, open it in the post regulation and other fields to explore the formation of a group can be copied, can promote innovation, create institutional innovation and opening up a new model of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, discipline committee, Party Secretary of Fuzhou Ni Yuefeng (former right)), deputy secretary of the CPC Fuzhou Municipal Committee, acting mayor).相关的主题文章:

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