Net exposure Yunnan official Aunt bath of Fuxian Lake has punished Area Supervisor zznba

Net exposure Yunnan Fuxian Lake bathing official: aunt has punished a shampoo area supervisor dressed in lingerie aunt is the lake. Pictures from the network CNR network news, according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported recently, netizen exposure: a group of people with shampoo bath in Yunnan Fuxian lake. From the photo, a woman wearing underwear is a shampoo in the lake, there is also next to the shampoo, the people around them turn a blind eye, and no one to discourage and stop. Fuxian Lake is deep China water is the largest freshwater lake, is one of the few class I water freshwater lake, with 9.16% of the country’s freshwater lake water storage, the lake water and the 91.4% class I. But in recent years, along with the Fuxian Lake attractions go hot, more and more people are attracted to the summer swimming in Lake Fuxian, uncivilized behavior frequently exposed. There are laundry in the lake…… In the lake the car wash… Have fun playing with dogs in the water…… Throw the rubbish everywhere…… According to statistics, the annual coast of Fuxian Lake generated waste amounted to 38 thousand tons! The Lake Management Bureau of Chengjiang County of Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, Fuxianhu responded by saying: after investigation the problem is true, the Council has organized personnel to strengthen inspections and checks, and for the area supervisor were punished. (originally entitled "aunt in Yunnan of Fuxian lake water bath: alongside the shampoo") (Yang Guangwang)相关的主题文章:

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