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Travel-and-Leisure Have you ever taken a route to the National Parks in India? Ask me as my journey into the never ending wilderness was simply nerve cracking. Criss cross undulated paths that take you into the thick jungle and as you go deeper, it will seem like there is no way out of this mysterious maze. The weird sounds of the unique species of birds will ac.pany you together with the sudden movements in the bushes and you might just get lucky enough to spot out the king of the jungle and that will be the moment when you will hear the thumping of your racing heart clearly in your ears. A jeep safari into the National Parks will simply be the most thrilling experiences of your life time. Kaziranga National Park A trip to the Kaziranga National Park, also known as the birds paradise will make you witness the world of unique animals and birds. Famous among the bird watchers, it serves as a home to numerous birds and avian species both native and migratory. Rich in flora and fauna it provides shelter and growth to the one-horned rhinocerous, elephants and tigers. Amidst the swampy land and the tall thick grass one can spot out animals like wild buffalos, barking deer, chinkara, gazelle, leopards, Indian bison and many more. The popular birds species which are found here are pelicans, crested serpent eagle, swamp partridges, Bengal florican heron and so on. A wildlife safari into Kaziranga will offer you with a perfect chance to throw a glance anywhere in the forest. Bandhavgarh National Park Situated amidst the highly dense wild vegetation of bamboo and other rare herbs, Bandhavgarh National Park is the ultimate place for the lovers of the wild cats, as they will easily get to witness the tigers and the leopards. Apart from them the park provides shelter to Asiatic Jackal, Sloth Bear, Ratel, Bengal Fox and Striped Hyena. Wild pigs, spotted Deer, Nilgai and Gaur can be frequently sighted. Mynahs, Paradise fly catchers, Jungle fowl, Blue jays, purple sunbirds and many other unique species of birds can be spotted out in this park. For all the wildlife lovers, Bandhavgarh will be an ultimate place to .e face to face with the wild. Ranthambore National Park A place where you can easily witness the tigers lolling around or enjoying a relaxing sunbath, at Ranthambore National Park one can also enjoy the presence of numerous species of other animals such as desert cats, black bucks , sambar deer, mongoose and many more , birds like Asian palm swift, owls, flinches , egrets, sparrows , spine cuckoo can also be easily spotted out here. Its an ultimate place to visit for all the animal and bird lovers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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