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Holidays Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes are versatile choices that can be worn by men, women, boys and girls of all ages. Mickey is one of the most recognized animated characters of all time and his girlfriend Minnie is almost as popular. There are any number of infant, children and adult costume packages available that .e .plete with everything needed to recreate this look. The basic Mickey outfit will include a black top with long sleeves and bright red shorts or pants. If shorts are the choice, they can be worn over a pair of black tights. The shorts should feature two large white buttons attached to the front at each hip. Mickey typically wore big yellow shoes. This look can be achieved with simple shoe covers fashioned out of yellow fabric. Regular white gloves can be worn on the hands but some costume .panies have novelty mitts that are padded to achieve a cartoon-like shape. Another more formal look for Mickey features a white shirt, black pants and black tuxedo jacket with tales. Anyone who owns an official set of Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland can wear them to .plete the costume. Otherwise, cut a piece of black poster board into two identical circles and attach them to a simple headband or beanie cap. Minnie Mouse has a more feminine look, of course. The dress should will usually feature white polka dots against a red or pink background with a full skirt that .es to just above the knee. A black or white petticoat is a nice touch for this costume. The dress can be worn with white or black tights or knee socks. Little black t-strap or Mary Jane shoes in patent leather are ideal for this costume. Black ballet flats are also a good option. The ears can be the same as the ones used for Mickey but should feature a polka dot bow right between them. This costume is easily adapted for the lady who is going for the sexy Minnie Mouse look. Simply shorten up the skirt and choose a pair of flirty thigh high stockings in black or white. Go with a peasant cut top that can be worn off the shoulders and lace gloves. Black or red stilettos can be worn instead of more conservative shoes. Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes have been popular with kids and adults alike for decades and their popularity is unlikely to decrease. They make great options for couples who want a .patible look. Both looks are simple and affordable to implement and are ideal for any costume party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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