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Magnet healing in all its forms ranks as the most popular alternative medicine therapy people try. Below, the 3 top reasons why are outlined, along with some examples on how to go about them. Dive in, and feel better. Reason 1: Non Invasive – No Knife, No Pill The top reason people like magnet healing as a therapy stems from a fear of pain. Seriously, people who use magnets for healing do not want to go under the knife or take drugs, so they try magnets instead. Examples .e in many forms. For instance, a magnetic mattress pad and pillows. Many find releif from headaches, and believe the bed does the trick. Others have used magnets for arthritis, and even to help wounds heal by placing a rotating magnet unit near the wound, such as after a cesarean. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a new application of magnet healing, may offer a drug free depression treatment. Reason 2: Save Time Feeling a time crunch? Most people these days do not have time to add new activities to their schedules. With kids, work, sleep, and the business of life, people lead crowded lives, and have trouble fitting in even valuable things. Using magnet healing techniques offers a less time consuming treatment. Many magnet therapies don’t require much time from your schedule. For example, the mattress pad and pillows mentioned above. Put them on a bed, and they work indefinitely. No time to set them up each time they are used, just lay down, and the magnet healing begins. Other examples abound. Magnetic shoes or insoles work in much the same manner. Just put on the shoes and the insoles can help. Apply a magnet to a painful area, and off you go. Put on a wrist wrap, and you go about your business. These therapies allow people to do something productive for their health while freeing their time from appointments and schedules for other therapies. Only slightly different, use electromagnet therapy. This is a rotating magnet in a footrest, for example, under a desk at work or in front of the couch at home. People love to save time and multitask. Magnet healing offers a great opportunity to .bine a healing activity with life without consuming more time. Reason 3: Inexpensive Had a massage lately? How much did it cost? How much do pain pills cost? How long does that bottle last? Magnet healing provides a low cost alternative treatment. Now some of these devices cost serious money. But look at the other side of the street. Massage, for example, may cost $40, or even $80 for an hour. Magnet healing can offer the same relief, but only costs once, and can work for years. For example, the insoles above. These make your shoes magnetic, and according to a study by Dr. Weintraub, help with pain from diabetic neuropathy. They cost less than $100, and last more than a decade. That’s value. How can a service like a massage, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, or any other .pete with that? The same goes for mattresses and mattress pads. Buy once, and benefit for years. .pared to nearly any other alternative therapy, there is no better value. A word about safety. These days, everyone has to watch out for people taking words out of context, so remember, this is for information only. Always seek .petent medical advice before trying a new therapy. In general, mag.s have a great safety record, and many doctors allow them as an additional therapy. The top three reasons for trying mag. healing: 1. Non-intrusive 2. Little or no time required for use 3. Affordable and long lasting If you haven’t tried healing with mag.s, you may want to reconsider. 相关的主题文章:

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