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Lidong dumplings, the ten best to eat dumplings, have you eaten? – eat dumplings and winter is the northern folk Sohu, but now in addition to very good people, very few people know this truth. Dumpling is a traditional pasta we wrapped dumplings, thin skin stuffing with thin skin stuffing, bite the flow of juice, food is cute. In Shandong there is a drink called dumplings, saying "dumplings have drink more wine". Leisure time sitting on the white picket fence, a plate of hot dumplings, a pot of warm wine. ? myself a drink or a mouth made dumplings, it is a very pleasant time to enjoy. Introduce several methods of modulation stuffing, and the process is the same, but I have much nagging. Like friends can refer to interactive. Eat dumplings is the most pleasant thing: thin skin stuffing, round belly, bite readily juicy dumplings, not enough love. Dumplings: Shepherd is wild herbs in shepherd’s purse is one delicious, every spring into the fields and growth in the warm wind dug a few tea fat and tender shepherd’s purse, eat dumplings to wash, delicious and tasty. [ingredients]: pork 400g, 500g, 800g, ginger cooking flour, 12 TSP pepper, a large salt 1.5 teaspoon, 3 teaspoon soy sauce: ginger, pepper together in a saucepan, pour into boiling water after cool. The cooked ginger pepper water decanting pepper and ginger, stir into the meat stuffing side. Pour a little soy sauce, cooked oil, salt, stir into the refrigerator for 1 hours. The cooking washing with water clean, remove and hold water after the shepherd’s purse net chop. The incorporation of meat stuffing, transferred amount of salt, seasoning then can be used to make dumplings. Fennel dumplings: Fennel seedlings have a unique sweet taste, and is very rich, many people may not love, but Shandong people are very fond of. Fennel seedlings with stuffing dumplings, this work, Shandong people like to do. [ingredients]: Fennel seedlings of 500g 700g of flour, pork, 500g, 30g, a large piece of ginger oil, pepper, soy sauce, 1 tsp salt 1.5 teaspoon 20g process: Fennel seedlings clean dry water, flour and dough into soft moderate Tang reserve. The pepper ginger water into pork, poured into the side stir meat stuffing. Put chopped fennel seedlings into meat stuffing, cooked in oil, salt, soy sauce flavor. The dough to a soft oily Xing again after kneading. Put the dough into small pieces, roll into the dumpling into good dumplings, dumplings knead. Sheep meat stuffing dumplings, stuffing for dumplings with mutton mutton generally tight tone, taste became hard, when filling in carrots and vermicelli, to adjust taste. Carrot mutton can absorb oil, vermicelli soup can absorb the fillings and make the meat stuffing soft. In addition to the sheep meat stuffing when transferred to chop onion ginger pepper water, but also remove the smell of mutton. [ingredients]: lamb meat 750g, flour 600g, carrot 1, a handful of vermicelli and vegetable oil 60g, salt 2.5 teaspoon, 3 teaspoon soy sauce, ginger, pepper, green onion white 1 teaspoon相关的主题文章:

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