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Let the school principal merit batch reform "Budweiser" education people.com.cn as of now, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei and other 15 provinces to cancel the three batch of undergraduate; Shanghai city will be the first batch of undergraduate, the two batch of the merger, become a group of undergraduate. It is foreseeable that the college entrance examination in 2017 there will be more provinces added to "reform" admission batch ranks, which is on 2014 the State Council issued the "opinions" on deepening the reform of admissions exam system is put forward in the practice of creating conditions for the gradual abolition of college enrollment batch "and actively respond. From the literal point of view, the abolition or merger of admissions batch, just set the partition between batches of different batches of artificially set out in an integrated manner presented to candidates for voluntary reporting. When setting the origin of different batches from time can not achieve computer aided information acceptance means to improve efficiency and setting, but with the passage of time, but was given a hierarchical evaluation of the significance of University, and even alienation as an important symbol of the levels of quality ". With the popularization and application of computer technology, regardless of batch enrollment has not only no technical barriers, and can reflect a huge institutional advantage. First, get rid of the level stereotype, remove the burden of identity barriers. As we all know, whether it is ordinary colleges and universities, private universities and independent colleges and universities, are equal to the main body of education, should be given the same field competition, the opportunity to receive the fair choice of candidates. The previous three colleges for independent colleges and private colleges, in the voluntary reporting of the "low grade" link curing batch identity, is not conducive to independent college independent development, is not conducive to the public benefits of private universities. Cancel or merge batches, which is undoubtedly a major positive for independent colleges and private colleges and universities, is also an ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities to encourage and stimulate the invisible. At the same time, high school can also get rid of the rate of on-line "burden, carry out more comprehensive quality which the school-based learning activities, the implementation of quality education to make more effort; choose high school students self explore or design" qualified + specialty "career planning and curriculum, to achieve green development, happy growth. Second, the candidates for the University by "name" to "value", the regression strength of school. "One of the candidates once broke the two, the three, the choice of" tangled and psychological boundaries, the university will naturally turn to self construction from attention to external publicity, focus more on the quality of personnel training, the quality of personnel training, employment advantage advantage to "convince" candidates automatically. A new round of reshuffle, enrollment of colleges and universities and personnel training reform forced formation mechanism effectively, promote the development of spontaneous discipline and specialty structure optimization and dynamic adjustment mechanism, guide the University from "big" to "small and fine" transformation, to achieve dislocation and orderly development, to attract candidates to school characteristics, target the selection and characteristics of students in university values and talent cultivation mode, bears profound imprinted with a difference. Third, the candidates focus consciously turned professional, independent choice for their own growth path. Admission is regarded as the primary link of personnel training, in batches admission, candidates will be in the "door" consciously into the professional "door", is committed to working with the most suitable for self development)相关的主题文章:

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