LDK bankruptcy reorganization was forced to cut 14 creditor banks or losses of $23 billion rainlendar

LDK bankruptcy reorganization is strong cut 14 banks or loss of 23 billion LDK subsidiary bankruptcy reorganization is "strong cut" 14 banks or loss of 23 billion newspaper reporter Dai Jianmin Xin Jizhao Nanchang Shenzhen reported the largest bankruptcy reorganization plan ended. Recently, the Xinyu intermediate people’s court to take strong cutting methods approved by the LDK group’s three subsidiaries of the bankruptcy reorganization plan. According to the plan, LDK group, high-tech, high-tech silicon photovoltaic (Xinyu) three companies identified by the management of creditor’s rights were respectively 21 billion, 15 billion and 3 billion 500 million, of which $27 billion 100 million of bank debt. CDB involving capital 7 billion 300 million, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, are more than 3 billion. Overall estimates, the average bank debt of 3 companies consolidated average rate of return of $14.75%, which means that the loss of the creditor’s Bank subsequent confirmation or up to 23 billion. Three a plan of reorganization have been strong cut nearly 11 months later, LDK group’s three subsidiaries bankruptcy reorganization ended, the largest bankruptcy reorganization was eventually forced to a local court ruled that the approval of the way to draw the conclusion. October September morning, twenty-first Century economic report from a person close to LDK administrator to understand, "the plan Sai Weisan company was cut through the court, in October 10th, by the court to creditors, investors unified by the LDK group’s three subsidiaries of the civil ruling." Last November, Jiangxi City Intermediate People’s court announced that LDK group’s photovoltaic silicon, polysilicon, high-tech, high-tech (Xinyu) four companies to implement bankruptcy reorganization. The bankruptcy administrator shall be appointed by the bankruptcy liquidation group of Xinyu hi tech Industrial Development zone. In addition to polysilicon bankruptcy liquidation, reorganization scheme of the remaining three companies officially released in August this year, but in the subsequent two rounds of voting, secured creditor groups, ordinary creditor group and capital per capita have not passed the draft reorganization plan. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter obtained the subsidiary (high-tech) bankruptcy civil ruling, although the ordinary creditor group and a secured creditor group did not pass the draft reorganization plan, but ordinary creditor group against the number of only 36.42%, which is mainly accounted for a large amount of debt caused by not. Because the debtor net assets of -178 billion, the insolvent reorganization plan to sponsor LDK SolarCo.LTD equity adjustment is zero, no longer enjoy the rights and interests of the owners, so the draft restructuring plan on investor interest adjustment fair. In the twenty-first Century economic report prior to the interview, in the ordinary creditor group’s financial claims on assets reorganization scheme evaluation value has shrunk, debt ratio is too low, settlement way and many other content have the objection, has repeatedly to the creditors’ meeting management. However, the final restructuring plan is only in subtle adjustments. The Xinyu intermediate people’s court in a civil court ruling that the ordinary creditor’s rights reorganization plan submitted by the liquidation group received 6.62% of the payment ratio of not less than the income in accordance with the procedure of bankruptcy liquidation liquidity ratio; reforming investors on the debtor’s business plan out of相关的主题文章:

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