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Business There is an old saying: "Diamonds are women’s best friend". It is undeniable that women have always been very fond of gold and diamond accessories. That is the reason why women simply adore a ladies diamond watch. It not only helps a woman in keeping her time commitments, but also is a perfect accessory that she would love to cherish all her life. If you are looking for a perfect gift for the most important lady in your life, be your wife or daughter or mother, there can be nothing better than Ladies Rolex Watches . It is the ultimate style statement, beautifully crafted in gold and diamonds. This timepiece is a true masterpiece that could cost you a fortune. But now there are prices that will not stop you from owning a ladies diamond Rolex watch: Melrose Jewelers offers mint condition genuine pre-owned Rolex Watches for Men and women, all at near-wholesale prices. Melrose Jewelers buys authentic Rolex watches from suppliers who are carefully verified. Moreover, each watch they sell comes with a full authentication and appraisal from the Los Angeles International Gemological Laboratory. The team of specialists at Melrose Jewelers performs only a polish and timing adjustment to the watches. Every watch available is in excellent condition. Melrose Jewelers offers a wide range of pre owned, authentic Ladies Diamond Watch in two basic categories, Rolex President and Rolex Datejust. Each category offers a number of ladies diamond watches. In the category of Ladies Rolex President, you get the following masterpieces: Ladies MOP Diamond Dial Rolex Super President Ladies Champagne Diamond Dial Rolex Super President Ladies Champagne Pave Diamond Dial Rolex Super President Ladies White Gold Pave Diamond Dial Rolex Super President Ladies Champagne Diamond Dial Ruby Channel Set Bezel Rolex President Ladies Silver Diamond Dial Rolex President Ladies Black Diamond Dial Rolex President In the category of Rolex Ladies Datejust, you can go for the two-toned or stainless steel varieties. The following types are available under this category: Ladies Fluted Bezel Diamond Dial Rolex Datejusts Ladies Specialty Diamond Bezel Rolex Datejusts Ladies Beadset Diamond Bezel Rolex Datejusts Ladies String Diamond Dial Rolex Datejusts Diamonds are the common feature of all the Rolex wrist watches. These marvelous stones are beautifully fitted into the dial, bezel, strap and case of the watches. For instance, Ladies Champagne Pave Dial Rolex Super President comes with silver diamond dial with 10 round cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold, custom .70 ct. beadset diamond bezel with 30 round cut diamonds set in 18k white gold. So, it makes every sense to visit , the website of Melrose Jewelers and choose your favorite ladies diamond watch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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