King of comedy Zhang Liang cross to regain the hands holding secret in beauty Entertainment Bureau –

"King of comedy" Zhang Liang cross to regain the hands hold the secret in beauty Bureau – Sohu Zhang Liang entertainment turned "best chef" Sohu of Beijing satellite TV entertainment news by heavy launch Chinese first file original comedy show "comedy cross-border cross-border competition king" will be held this Saturday evening 20:30 will usher in a wonderful match in the second half. The recovery of the chef’s old Zhang Liang will partner white Kennan staged a secret battle". In the face of money and beauty, has always been good at reproducing the hot social phenomenon of Zhang Liang also will give the audience what moved? Zhang Liang in the "beauty of deceit" secret dispute final night cited Zhang Liang again starred in "small" white chef, and Kay Nankai a "Hutong restaurant", in order to prevent dementia father free neighborhood pork, restaurant have in a new place. However, the new is less, traffic has become a problem. Kennan always complained about Zhang Liang "will do only two people, pork" developing new dishes drama attracted the audience laugh. However, new dishes really dumbfounding: "twins" is actually a banana fried pepper, "Farewell to My Concubine" is the tortoise stew hen, in addition to "sit up and take notice" and "disorderly stick kill pig" and other names trigger hilarious. The turning point occurred in the story of a beautiful female customers, who had "slipped" in the arms of Zhang Liang female customers is not a simple character, but behind this romantic encounter is also marvelous. Although the female customers door to call you my dog, a snake, a snake dog walk together!" Non Zhang Liang to marry him, but in the blink of an eye, but the name is white horse prince Kennan gestures. In the BiWen Zhang Liang confused and white Kennan, the mysterious woman customer finally tell her true purpose: the original female Gu, the olive branch is thrown to Zhang Liang’s ancestral secret recipe. See the beauty of the meter was stabbed, female customers simply say the price of white out of the acquisition secret. Faced with the temptation of money, "greed" and "south" decided to sell the secret recipe, and stick to their own chef Zhang Liang is strongly opposed, two opinion differences even strike violently! In the face of money and interest, brother of Zhang Liang and Kennan white is to break or to resist the foreign enemy, secret will become the biggest highlight of this will decide on what path to follow the final stage. The finals Zhang Liang and then a killer hit the hot social phenomenon with qualifying game a wonderful "Jiuai new love Qi debut" the popular drama, Zhang Liang completed the encirclement, straight into the finals. Zhang Liang’s works always reflect the performance of real society, first describe the network nowadays is hot in the show live, more deeply the irony of the network violence today; in the finals and reveal the industrialization background, erosion of the traditional handicraft production line developed. When the traditional art was acquired transformation, gradually fade out people’s lives, it also lost its original flavor. Zhang Liang’s works can always make us laugh at the same time we can reflect on today’s social phenomenon. In the "cross border comedy king" on the stage, Zhang Liang is not just a gorgeous dress model, he returned to the real, with their own experience of the real life, to tell the audience moved and reflect on the work. Zhang Liang and white Kennan will be staged how to protect the secret!相关的主题文章:

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