Japan’s stock market rose to a two week high after the U.S. stock index rose-9c8921

With the help of the Japanese stock market stocks rose index rose to two and a half week high of FX168 news the Nikkei index on Friday (February 26th) in early two and a half weeks before reaching highs, U.S. stocks rose and the yen weakened people’s risk sentiment was restored, but stocks such as Sharp Co (Sharp Corp) is quite worthy of attention. SHARP plummeted 15%, after Hon Hai Precision said it will suspend the acquisition of SHARP. Shares of SHARP closed down 14% before the Hon Hai statement on Thursday. According to sources, Hon Hai’s moratorium on the acquisition of SHARP was due to the discovery of SHARP’s previously disclosed debt. One of the sources read the details of SHARP sent to Hon Hai, saying that SHARP’s contingent liabilities amounted to hundreds of billions of yen". In the early trading, the Nikkei 225 index rose 0.6% to 16241.89 points, before the highest rise to 16472.50 points since February 9th. The benchmark index rose by 2.7% this week. The Nikkei index from 14865.77 points earlier this month recovery rose by nearly 10%, the recovery rate increases is the highest level since October 2014, as oil prices plummeted and the yen continued strength caused panic selling. But analysts say they are far more worried about these issues than optimism, and the market will take a long time to regain confidence. And Kazuhiro Takahashi stock strategy of the Securities Division said, "people always expressed concerns about a slowdown in the global economy, the focus of the problem now is whether the financial leader can coordinate cooperation development and provide a conducive to appease investor sentiment information." The recent market turmoil fears still linger, investors try to from the finance ministers of two days on Friday and will be held in Shanghai G20 summit to find comfort. Before Friday’s intraday trading focused on regional bank merger talks, eighteen Bank Limited (Eighteenth Bank) rose 12%, Fukuoka Finance Corporation (Fukuoka Financial Group) agreed to merge next year. The dollar yen was 113 yen, higher than the yen’s trough of 2 yen this week, and the exporters’ share price benefited from the good performance. Honda (Honda Motor Co) rose 2%, Matsushita group (Panasonic Corp) rose 2%, Tokyo Electron Ltd (Tokyo Electron Ltd) rose 2.2%. Proofreading: Changyang goes into Sina Finance shares

日本股市受助于美股大涨 指数升至两周半高点   FX168讯 日经指数周五(2月26日)早盘达到两周半高点,之前美股上涨以及日元走弱使人们的风险情绪得到恢复,但是个股例如夏普公司(Sharp Corp)也颇值得关注。   夏普暴跌15%,此前鸿海精密称将暂缓收购夏普。周四在鸿海声明之前,夏普股价收盘挫跌14%。   消息人士表示,鸿海精密暂缓收购夏普,是因为发现夏普此前未经披露的债务。其中一名消息人士阅读了夏普发送给鸿海的文件细节,称夏普的或有负债达到“数千亿日元”。   在早盘的交易中日经225指数上涨0.6%,至16,241.89点,之前最高曾上涨至自2月9日以来的最高点16,472.50点。本周基准指数上涨了2.7%。   日经指数从本月初的14865.77点恢复上涨了近10%,这一恢复上涨的幅度是自2014年10月以来的最高水平,由于油价暴跌和日元不断的走强造成了人们的恐慌性抛盘。但是分析师表示,对这些问题的担忧远远大于乐观因素,并且市场还需要很长的一段时间来重拾信心。   大和证券的股票策略师Kazuhiro Takahashi表示,“人们始终对全球经济放缓表示担忧,现在问题的焦点在于金融领导者是否可以协调合作发展并且提供出有利于安抚投资者情绪的信息。”   最近关于市场动荡的担忧仍挥之不去,投资者试图从财长会与周五即将在上海召开为期两天的G20峰会当中找到安慰。   周五的盘中交易主要关注之前的地区银行之间的合并谈判,十八银行有限公司(Eighteenth Bank)上涨12% ,福冈金融集团股份(Fukuoka Financial Group)同意明年进行合并。   美元兑日元为113.00日元,高于本周日元汇率低谷2日元,出口商股价受益于此表现良好。本田汽车(Honda Motor Co)上涨了2.0%,松下集团(Panasonic Corp)上涨了2.0%,东京电子有限公司(Tokyo Electron Ltd)上涨了2.2%。   校对:长阳 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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