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Sales Islam is the religion of peace and understanding and is practiced by a quarter of the world’s population. The values the traditions in Islam are spell binding and bring a sense of enlightenment and discipline in a person’s life. But today’s children, from Muslim families are much more inclined towards consumerism and western influences like the US and Europe, who are promoting a culture which defines a new kind of lifestyle which diminishes the historical relevance of the traditions and customs followed in Islamic Culture. The Children be.e the prime target of this camouflaged propaganda of the western world. To keep the integrity and the traditions alive for the generations to .e, there are thousands of people who promote Islam through the technological and modernized mediums such as the internet and Television. Muslim Literary writers and innovative publishing houses have enormous amount of educational material customized to keep the Muslim Holy Scripts and various folklore stories alive among new generations. Smartly structured Islamic Books are .posed to make the children read them interestingly. Various book Stores which have Urdu Islamic Books and other books in many other international languages procure them from the most trusted and renowned literates and spiritual writers. The stores also offer books and other Islamic oriented games for children. To give a brief account of the type of Islamic educational products which are provided by bookstores for children, here is a list of products: Children’s Books: There are illustration books which contain stories of the ancient prophets and famous tales represented with colorful pictures and catchy way of narration. Some of the most popular books among children are My First Quran Storybook, Goodnight Stores From Quran, Goodnight Stories From The Life Of The Prophet Mohammad, My Quran Friends Storybook, Awesome Quran Facts and many more. Also, one can buy these Islamic Books Online from online bookstores who have a much wider range of books from which you can easily select and order the book you want. Board Games: Children are very fond of board games as they are very exciting to play and at the same time create a data base of knowledge. Children are taught about the Islamic culture and its values through various teachings from Quran and Hadith. Some of the most interesting Islamic games which are available at Bookstores are The great Mosque Game, The Hajj Fun Game, Quran Challenge Game, Junior Quran Challenge Game, Madinah Salat Fun Game. These games are smartly designed to make the children understand the Islamic culture in an interesting and fun filled manner. Islamic Gift Boxes: this is a very lucrative and beneficial kind of educational package which contain various types of books. These gift boxes can be gifted to a Muslim child on any of the occasions like Ed, birthdays,etc. Gifts which can be given include, Quran Story Books Pack, Ancient Islamic Villages Books, 20 Favorite Tales From Quran Books Pack and many other interesting packages. There is a lot more variety available for children to read and learn about Islam and The traditions followed in it through various games and books. DVDs and VCDs are also available which contain Arabic lessons for children to learn reading and Writing the language. Get your child as soon as possible the literary knowledge about Islam and guide him/her to the path of Allah’s teachings which would make him/her a responsible Muslim. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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