Intelligence 7 Portuguese Chaves injuries Phelan, firepower promotion puritans pride

Portuguese Intelligence: Chaves 7 people injured, Phelan firepower boost Monday 016           Portuguese   Chaves VS, Phelan       2016-11-01 04:00         location: Portugal – what the weather: sunny chaoui 13 degrees Chaves situation: what promoted chaoui performance in the Portuguese Super League this season, currently after 8 league team with 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 negative results behind in the standings during sixth, scored 8 goals lost a total of 7 ball, although the attack efficiency is not outstanding, but the team’s defense is strong, ensure the team’s ability to score, but Chaves recently encountered serious injuries tide, 7 players including defender Felipe – Lopez, Fabio – Santos and striker El Hone, has been plagued by injuries, the team The ends are affected, the game face state Huiyong Phelan, the squad does not grasp the Wynn chaves. Ferns Ferns: the recent status of the state is fairly well, the last round of League home court battle Pingsaitubaer, 7 games recently achieved 4 wins 1 flat 2 negative, from the data, enhance the offensive firepower, the team is the recent achievement of high key, the last 3 games, Phelan harvested a total of 6 goals. The total number of goals and before the new season 7 League flat, also need to pay attention to is, Phelan road force is quite good, the competitions this season 5 away win foot 3 games, during which only lost the strength was stronger than his Benfica and Rioa, against the same level of the team, Ferns never fall the wind, the attack and the road, the team is confident to seize the natural integral. One track: two teams last six clash race record, 3 wins, 3 unbeaten chaves. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played out 1.83-3.05-3.95 SP, given the certain attention, Shah Vish Ben this season against Phelan, stability, and performance advantage, nature is the lottery’s focus, but the disc to the Lord let the hemisphere high water start, according to the number or slightly up big, after all, Phelan the recent state as well, the note after the plate water level continued to decline, and the scale trend is consistent, but the compensate mainstream companies lost his early data divergence, too much emphasis on the disc to the advantage of the situation, the game, Phelan keep SMG let the ball Shengping Fu played the main let a ball the main negative situation, proposed the radio. Is expected to debut: Chaves: Ricardo, Nelson, Felipe, Ferre, Paulinho, Braga, Leah, Assis, Lopez, Bata, Mario Peddie high Ferns: Pei Kanya, Bagh, Bruno, Ronaldo, Rocha, Icarus, Silva, Aurelio, Zeeman, Platini, the elder brother of Chkalo Machado相关的主题文章:

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