In August 30th 16 traders are concerned about the news incubus

In August 30th 16 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 30, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the August 30th 16 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from 30 ranked 16 on Bloomberg terminal trader. 1) afternoon review: A Shenzhen Hong Kong stocks steady 11 months feeding opening; SDR of the world bank debt pricing interval; $2) against the strong Chinese credit binge gradually   economic growth alone 3); the federal reserve position for fear of breaking the G-20 on the eve of RMB 4) or a short peace Chinese Commission: 11 months late Shenzhen Tong is expected to open 5) KKR China most senior executives will leave when the company plans to launch the Third Asia Fund 6) Chinese Commission: Shenzhen Tong is expected mid to late 11 opened 7): China Merchants Securities bonds to raise the threshold Chinese attention low qualification class platform for the main refinancing pressure 8) Chinese stock market: stock index rose Taiwan stock level; Shenzhen Tong; November; NDRC promoting PPP; Apple concept 9) Shanghai municipal government: the housing loan deal to limit 10) twenty-first Century economic report: Vanke Yu Liang and Huarun Fu Yu In August 29th 11 meeting) economist Peng Bo Ning: Chinese state-owned enterprise situation is bad but not too horrible to look at the world bank 12) 3 year bond price range in SDR 0.4%-0.7%  13) Al-Falih: Ma said Alibaba are interested in investing in Saudi Arabia 14) Nomura: downside Hongkong property prices may have 10% due to strong supply) CITIC Securities: $15 Libor China enterprises increased pressure to repay debt soaring $16) yen this year for the first time to see more traders 17) Chinese news: Asia Pacific: Pimco targeting high net business; a hedge fund strategy; Shenzhen 18) Morgan Stanley predicted in September the United States will not raise interest rates of JP Morgan’s employment report or disappointing 19) Pimco will recruit more than 20 people aim at the $17 trillion and 400 billion Asian wealth 20) Huayi Brothers to force overseas Director of the United States and the United States set up a joint venture editor: Zhang Yujie SF107相关的主题文章:

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