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UnCategorized Hello. My name is Money. People want me. They work 40 to 80 hours a week for me. They think that they know me. But, to my surprise, people know so little about me that they don’t even know that I have a twin. Do you know that I, Money, have a twin? Let me tell you about me, Money, and my twin. We are quite opposite but we go everywhere together. I’m a guy and my twin is a gal. I got all the male energy and she got all the female energy, which is how it should be. People want me because they want the material things of life – cars, nice homes, boats, fine clothes, vacations, and lots of other stuff. And they typically use their so-called male energy of high energy, focus, strength, determination, and maybe even aggression and salesmanship to get me. But, there is a problem. If they try to get just me, Money, my twin is so insulted and slighted that she won’t come. What is her name? Well, her given name is Love. But, she has a nickname which I’ll tell you about later. You’re just getting to know her so let’s go one step at a time. Whereas the pursuit of me, Money, gets you stuff, things, possessions which can be collected and which typically need male energy to get, my twin, Love, gets you the tenderer parts of life, those things which cannot be added or collected or owned, and which typically need so-called female energy to enjoy. I thought that I, Money, was the more important of us two twins. In terms of the most basic level of physical survival (shelter, food, basic clothing), I am definitely right. However, in the Western World, so few people are at the basic level of bare survival. Likely amongst those reading this article, no one is at the level of basic physical survival. So, my twin, Love, taught me that, once passed the most basic level of survival, she, Love, is by far the most important twin. Of course, I challenged her with all my male ego and stubbornness. Yet, she alas did convince me. She showed me that those who seek just me, Money, fall victim to horrible problems: bad marriages, missing the joy of playing sufficiently with their children, divorce, ulcers, overweight, workaholism, and other addictions. I had to admit that pursuing just me, Money, without regard to my highly sensitive twin, Love, was just a short-sighted and dangerous path of life. Unwilling to concede yet, I countered that pursuing just her, Love, would also be short-sighted as Love without Money just does not work. I thought that I had her. I thought that I had won. She just smiled demurely and replied with the full knowledge that she was just about to clobber my feeble argument. She gave me example after example of those who have primarily sought her, Love, that is, they have pursued their dreams, their heart, their true inner desires – they are the happiest, healthiest and yes indeed the financially richest people on earth too. I had to admit that those who did what they loved were definitely very happy and usually rich too. Yet, those who sought me primarily may have achieved some level of financial stuff, but they paid with heart-ache and illness and addiction and unhappiness. There’s one more thing I need to say about my twin, Love. Before I tell you her nickname, I need to reveal that she is actually schizophrenic. At any moment, she can switch into her alter-ego, called Unhappy. It’s still my twin, Love, but she changes character sometimes. When? She changes when people foolishly pursue primarily or only me, Money. She gets so slightly, that she actually changes into her other personality, Unhappy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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