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Blog comments received: market Zaigong line defeat Mr. Cao Lungu: market of the line lost two cities opened flat today, after opening more hair on an attack, the stock index was a new line of attack on 3100 points, but the volume is still not enlarged, after the market has been maintained within a narrow range. After 2, many investors saw the hopeless attack began to trim the hedge, stock trading fell, the three major stock indexes fell zhongpan. Today the market is expected to attack after the failure of short-term needs a rest. Jade: the market this week, the weekly star line closed again this week once again received a weekly star line, the same 120 obvious weekly and 5 weekly support pressure, index in the narrow channel; K from the point of view, the recent index is around 20 daily expansion, 20 lines are in line up and go flat, so the average bond, will be faced with the choice of a new direction, but next week is relatively special, a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday, only three trading days, it is difficult to appear before the usual direction is liangnengweisu, amplitude of convergence. The jade that the recent market is the main tone of resistance, under the support of the trend index, very boring, especially after 8.15 days, 19 days is sideways pattern, especially the 9.8 stock index is only 14 points, the amplitude of only 0.42%, hit a recent low amplitude. Lighthouse sea stocks: the shock adjustment after the break up the Shanghai stock market on the 60 minute chart of MACD index and KDJ index of line line formed Sicha resonance, that the risk of short-term adjustment not completely lifted; the 13 day moving average temporarily into downward trend, on the top of the stock downward traction; however, the MACD line on a weekly chart run in 0 shaft constitute 88500 run up, display the corresponding level of the rebound and the impulse; break the weekly Bollinger band rail stock near the rail line (3131 points) desire; therefore, that the market volatility adjustment after the break up. The stock index will weaken the 256 day moving average to reduce the downward impact of the shock and then upward rebound in August highs. Desert Eagle: next week will test the five week moving average Friday stock market shock line failed, Shanghai refers to the choice down to rest again, the city fell below 5 day, 10 day and 20 day moving average, the market today after 5 with Yang Yin, all day long volume amplification (Shanghai all day long volume 182 billion). The continuous adjustment of the accumulation of a large number of lock plate, so the plate once pulled up sharply, will inevitably lead to disk release, so the short-term or remain volatile, only the volume in order to resolve the current embarrassing situation, in the face of uncertain but hidden A stock market abundant investment opportunities, each investor in thinking: once again hit the 3100 point mark the A stock market will further?相关的主题文章:

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