I don’t back this pot! HUAWEI said it had nothing to do with the explosion of the state bank note 7 ppbox

I don’t back this pot! HUAWEI said it had nothing to do with the explosion of the National Bank of Note 7 – Sohu science and technology Sohu digital Lv Linxuan Samsung Note 7 line explosion more dramatic development. After Samsung said in a statement stressed that the explosion was caused with external heating, Samsung battery supplier ATL in order to investigate the exact cause, the reproduction test put Note7 into the microwave oven, hot air machine, induction cooker, oven etc.. The results show that two mobile phones on the induction cooker, with a 200 degree heating 2-3 minutes, the product is similar to the damage and photos. Samsung Electronics announced that it is discussing the criminal prosecution of 2 Chinese consumers advocating false explosion and other legal responses. A time originally accused Samsung’s Public opinion is seething with indignation., users began to line Note 7 additional bombing conspiracy, and even friends out of the Samsung Note 7 for explosion otherwise "friends behind the cash statement, and the" friends "and pointed to the rising momentum of HUAWEI. HUAWEI this year in one of the world’s top three mobile phone manufacturers, only ranked Samsung, apple, Lenovo and Note propaganda and some time ago HUAWEI bullet 7 explosion in stark contrast, no wonder netizens will have two things on association. On this message, HUAWEI today released an official statement denying the rumors. In a statement, HUAWEI emphasizes the Samsung Note 7 bombing self imposed message is pure slander and out of Google’s "do no evil" (Do not be evil) to emphasize their creed, "don’t be evil, not adding insult to injury is the most basic moral bottom line business" HUAWEI". HUAWEI also said to have Samsung Note 7 explosion in carry out internal quality inspection, quality as the foundation. HUAWEI’s statement is to present the public opinion of their own propaganda, "bring order out of chaos" strictly control the quality, and said "that Samsung will be as soon as possible to solve the related problems also showed the Dachang tolerance. After vice president Wu Qiang OPPO has said please the media not to flog the Samsung Note7, Samsung believes can solve this problem. However, up to now, the Samsung Note 7 explosion is still not conclusive. After Samsung said in a statement, "in Note’s 7 bombing" broke the news said: "as a small consumers unable to blame and questioned the so-called Samsung detection" authority ", the statement will lead directly to me if true person caught in the abyss of crime, please Samsung PR I of Samsung’s reputation damage and slander all proceedings, I will be brought to justice!" in Rashomon, game theory has many dialects will continue, every word out of error can lead to the final opinion wind u-turn.相关的主题文章:

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