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Marketing The more traffic you can create, the bigger the presence your website would have on the internet. More traffic would allow you to successfully market a product, and grow a brand or help more people be.e aware of your websites existence. Customize your 404 error page. Instead of just getting the regular error page when a typo is made you can customize the error page with links to your website, so that they can still browse your website after all. So that you wont lose traffic but gain. Interlink your pages. This will allow visitors to visit all of the pages within your website more easily, and would also allow all of the different pages of your website to show up on search engines. So that your website would rank as highly as possible, and get as much rankings as possible with all of the different pages. Highlight your most popular content. People like to know what the most popular content is. You can get the most number of page views per visitor if you highlight the popular content and encourage them to look at it. Test your website in different browsers. By doing this you would make sure your website is .patible with all browsers, so that you would be able to get as much traffic as possible and not lose traffic because of technical errors. Speed up your website. Search engines use loading speed, as a ranking system for websites , so the faster your loading speed, the higher you would rank. You can remove unnecessary items from your site and reduce the size of the images in order for the site to load as fast as possible. Serve cached pages. A cached page is a stored version of the original page, which would load a lot faster. Create unique content. Unique content would set you apart from all other websites as you would be the only website with the information, thus giving you first crack o searches looking for the unique content you provide. Build backlinks. A backlink is when you have a website linking to your site. The more recognized and popular a site is that links to you the better. Because of their high rank it would also allow you to move up in rankings on search engines. And also the backlink would allow you to receive traffic from the said site. Perform keyword research. If you know the most .monly used keywords then you can use them as efficiently as possible in order to get the most mileage from your website via the topics, titles and keywords used. So that you would be placed as high as possible on search engines. If you follow all of these tips you would be able to increase your website traffic many times over, which would allow your website and brand to grow in general, so that you would have better opportunities to be more profitable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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