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Home-and-Family Furniture is a broad category. It’s something that most people find themselves shopping for at various times throughout the year because we use sucha variety of items throughout our homes. It can be items that are as small as a new throw pillow or table lamp, or as large as a new bedroom set. As we are inundated with ideas and tips and tricks for greener and reducing our carbon footprint, how about doing those things while shopping for a stape item that we would shop for no matter what the situation, like furniture! Eco friendly furniture is furniture is labeled as such because it is produced in such a way that it has the least negative impact possible on the earth. One example of this is that where wood is utilized, it has .e from renewable sources or from a .pany that is certified for only using wood that is not treated with chemicals and is not taking wood from protected areas. Eco products .e from .panies that work to reduce their impact, such as minimizing delivery and mileage as much as possible, using organic fabrics, chemical free dyes, recycled .ponents and parts, renewable woods like bamboo, and much more. Another popular way to obtain eco friendly furniture is by shopping at thrift and resale shops; reupholstering and a new coat of paint can go a long way. Once you buy your fabulous new eco furniture, you will need to dispose of the old stuff somehow. Please do consider an environmentally friendly form of disposal, such as, a resale or thrift shop, a women’s shelter, or even a friend or family member moving into their first apartment. This will make your eco friendly furniture purchase extra beneficial to the environment because you will not be taking up valuable land fill space by throwing old furniture away. The majority of manufacturers and carriers of eco friendly furniture implement strict guidelines that reflect a care and concern for the planet’s limited resources. Do a little homework on eco practices and standards before you start shopping, that way you will know what you are looking at while you shop. When searching for a particular brand, ascertain that .pany policies are attempting to stay eco friendly. Certain .panies demand that 100 percent green materials are employed; but be aware there are varying degrees of environmental friendliness. The reasons and benefits of shopping and using eco friendly furniture and other products are great; ranging from protecting and maintaining our planet as well as limiting the amount of chemicals and dyes, etc… we expose ourselves to in our own homes. Online is the best place to shop for eco friendly furniture right now. You will find the best .bination of price, quality, and eco standards. Copyright (c) 2009 Julia Ritzenthaler About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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