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Henan encourages the shantytowns monetary settlement – Sohu finance Xinhua Zhengzhou February 25th news (reporter oasis) to effectively digest the stock market housing, accelerate the shantytowns, the Henan provincial government issued opinions on the requirements of the country, and strive to improve the shantytowns monetary settlement rate. Opinions also clear, shantytowns of collective land within the city planning region (villages) on the resettlement of residents, the average real compensation principle, a residual compensation part of the monetized resettlement. The office of the Henan provincial government issued "on accelerating the shantytowns monetized resettlement work guidance" is put forward, the provincial finance in the allocation of subsidies, to the annual monetary settlement rate is higher, the city and county (city, district) reward. Financial policy, the implementation of monetary resettlement shantytowns project to increase credit intensity. Housing provident fund management institutions should give priority to loan procedures, timely disbursement of housing provident fund loans. Henan slum reconstruction of the currency resettlement mainly adopts autonomous resettlement, centralized resettlement and group purchase resettlement. Among them, encourage real estate enterprises to take discounts, concessions and other preferential measures to facilitate group purchase. The real estate enterprises can also be exempted from the urban land use tax and stamp tax according to the proportion of the housing construction area sold by the group buying to the total construction area. Residents of shantytowns to purchase ordinary commodity housing by compensation can also enjoy the corresponding preferential tax, such as the part Mianzhengqishui does not exceed the compensation; realize the transformation of the resettlement compensation by squatters self purchase of ordinary commodity housing, exempt from stamp duty compensation part of the individuals in accordance with the relevant provisions shall be exempted from individual income tax. In addition, where the residents of shantytowns to choose currency resettlement, and the implementation of the relocation of the specified period, the county government can also be given a one-time reward. Author: Ganquan source Xinhua News Agency

河南鼓励棚户区改造货币化安置-搜狐财经   新华社郑州2月25日专电(记者甘泉)为有效消化市场存量商品住房,加快棚户区改造,河南省政府日前出台意见,要求各地努力提高棚户区改造货币化安置率。意见还明确,城市规划区内集体土地上的棚户区改造(城中村改造)居民安置,原则上户均实物补偿一套,剩余补偿部分采取货币化安置。  河南省政府办公厅印发的《关于加快推进棚户区改造货币化安置工作的指导意见》提出,省财政在分配补贴资金时,要对上年度货币化安置率较高的省辖市、县(市、区)进行奖励。金融政策方面,对实行货币化安置的棚户区改造项目加大信贷投放力度。住房公积金管理机构则要优先办理贷款手续,及时发放住房公积金贷款。  河南棚户区改造的货币化安置方式主要采取自主安置、集中安置和团购安置等。其中,鼓励房地产企业采取折扣、让利等优惠措施,方便居民团购。房地产企业还可按团购售出的住房建筑面积占总建筑面积的比例免征城镇土地使用税、印花税。  棚户区改造居民利用补偿款购买普通商品住房的也可享受相应税收优惠,如对不超过补偿款的部分免征契税;对棚户区改造居民利用补偿款自主购买普通商品住房实现安置的,免征印花税,其个人取得的补偿款部分按有关规定免征个人所得税。此外,凡棚户区改造居民选择货币化安置并在规定期限实施搬迁的,县级以上政府还可给予一次性奖励。  作者:甘泉来源新华社)相关的主题文章:

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