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Health: men every day will eat food   spinach top – Heilongjiang Channel – recently, an American men’s magazine recently published an article entitled "men will eat food every day" article. After seeing, think these kinds of food in our life is also common, and cheaper, worthy of promotion. Spinach is among the best. 1, spinach talking about spinach, we always think that more folic acid inside, eat easily produce stones. But some experts point out that folic acid is very important for men. Folic acid can not only help biceps muscle contraction strong, but also with spinach with 3 fatty acids together to provide the energy needed for muscle growth, but also make the muscle more sensitive to insulin, is conducive to increase muscle, reduce fat. American experts believe that spinach can promote muscle growth, spinach contains 3 fatty acids and folic acid, can provide a certain amount of energy for muscle synthesis, folic acid can also speed up the blood circulation to reproductive organs, improve sexual ability. One of the outstanding advantages of spinach for the elderly is that lutein, which is rich in lutein, can delay age-related macular degeneration. Spinach can prevent aging and shedding of human retina, because spinach contains antioxidants, can prevent age-related macular degeneration, delaying age-related macular degeneration and aging, leading to blindness or decreased vision. (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang) 养生:男人每天必吃的食物 菠菜名列前茅–黑龙江频道–人民网   最近,美国某男性杂志日前刊登了一篇题为“男人每天必吃的食物”的文章。看后,觉得这几种食物在我们的生活中也是常见的,且比较便宜,值得推广。   其中菠菜名列前茅。   1、菠菜   谈到菠菜,我们总觉得里面的叶酸比较多,吃容易产生结石。但有专家指出:叶酸对于男人来说是举足轻重的。叶酸不但可以帮助肱二头肌收缩有力,而且可与菠菜中同含的3脂肪酸一起提供肌肉生长所需要的能量,还可使肌肉对胰岛素更敏感,有利于增大肌肉减少脂肪。   美国专家认为,菠菜能促进肌肉生长,菠菜中含有的3脂肪酸和叶酸,能为肌肉的合成提供一定能量,叶酸还能够加快通往生殖器官的血液循环,提高性能力。   对于老年人来说,菠菜一个突出的优点是其富含的叶黄素能延缓老年黄斑的恶化。多吃菠菜能预防人体视网膜老化脱落,因为菠菜含有抗氧化物质,可防治老年人眼睛的“黄斑变性”,延缓老年人黄斑的退行性变与老化而导致的眼盲症或视力下降。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章:

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