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Has been the topic of constant? Fan Bingbing: time can prove everything [micro-blog] Fan Bingbing Feng Xiaogang movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" released 4 days, over 200 million at the box office, the mass of Pingdao "fire" controversy over the premiere of Fan Bingbing village [micro-blog], but perhaps this is in line with her as an actor with a stay down work "look forward to. Li Xuelian in the film "a thing not figured out how to become another thing," and off screen Fan Bingbing emotion, every actor have such experience, time will prove everything. The first appeared in the round frame of the movie, shot mostly, not have too much of this feature, but she seems to help express the characters in Fan Bingbing, "some director shot eyes ah infatuated with actress eyelashes, forty-five degree angle to shoot a face, a lot of action but do not take the middle ground, a little more but I free. Shaping the body language part of characters can be placed in a circle." Li Xuelian’s style is rustic, is still regarded as a "Village Flower" level, and not to the "ugly" stage, Fan Bingbing revealed that initially have considered the teeth painted yellow, disguised as single eyelids and other means to "become another person", eventually because of shooting up. As the title says, Li Xuelian in order to wipe out unrighted wrong, took ten years to complain, over the past ten years was not established to correct the image of Pan Jinlian ". Since entering the entertainment industry has always been the topic of Fan Bingbing naturally deep feelings, every actor has experienced such a thing, this is a process, time can prove everything. Although the film in the final Li Xuelian has not been time to prove, but the subtle things can always be released." (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章:

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