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Harbin public on-line platform selection of motor vehicle driver driving a button to complete the yesterday, Harbin City motor vehicle driver training public platform (website: XPT) and mobile phone client Newell traffic APP line put into use. The platform integration of Harbin City, all 114 driving coaches and 4729 resources, people want to drive through website or APP client can according to their own schedule, choose the driving and coaches and complete the registration, and driving time to learn to drive train booking operation certificate. According to the introduction, there are 114 driver training institutions and 4729 coaches in Harbin. This platform integrates all of Harbin city driving resources while updating the driving test exam, teaching video, the perfect time to learn to drive, there is evidence of Lianju, a one-stop online score to get permits, and other functions, provide website, mobile phone APP client for the students to apply for multiple channels. The reporter opens mobile phone APP client experience, found a "one-stop" credit card "train" and "time to learn to drive" and "two subjects" package "subject three package" and "subject theory" and other options. Click on the "one stop card" option, the city’s 114 driving school name, address, score and tuition fees and other information is clear. Enter one driving page, can see the remaining car places and other information. Open "card car practice" and "time to learn to drive" "subject two package options, show coaches name, profile, is driving, fees and other information, click on the" reservation "will complete the booking car. Harbin City motor vehicle driver training platform for the development of the public party leader Guo Hongchao introduced through this platform, students can through Alipay, WeChat and other bank cards, online payment of tuition fees.

哈市机动车驾驶员公众平台上线 选驾校一键完成   昨天,哈尔滨市机动车驾驶员培训公众平台(网址:xpt)及其手机客户端智汇交通APP上线投用。该平台整合哈尔滨 市全部114家驾校、4729名教练员资源,想学车的市民通过网站或APP客户端就能根据自己的时间安排,自主选择驾校和教练并完成驾校报名、计时学车及 有证练车预约等操作。   据介绍,哈尔滨市共有驾驶员培训机构114家、教练员4729名。这一平台整合了哈尔滨市全部驾校资源,同时更新了驾考题库、教学视频,完善了计时学车、有证练车、一站式拿证、在线评分等功能,为学员提供网站、手机APP客户端等多个报考渠道。   记者打开手机APP客户端体验,发现有“一站式拿证”“有证练车”“计时学车”“科目二套餐”“科目三套餐”及“科目理论学习”等多个选项。点 击“一站式拿证”选项,全市114家驾校的名称、地址、评分以及学费等信息便一目了然。进入其中一家驾校页面后,还能看到剩余学车名额等信息。点开“有证 练车”“计时学车”“科目二套餐”等选项,则显示出教练员姓名、简介、所属驾校、收费标准等信息,点击“预约”便完成了学车预约。   哈尔滨市机动车驾驶员培训公众平台开发方负责人郭洪超介绍,通过这一平台,学员可通过支付宝、银行卡、微信等在网上支付学费。相关的主题文章:

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