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Guangdong Telecom: Black technology covers when the base station successfully completed the test [Abstract] recently, the successful completion of the test of Ericsson and China Telecom in Guangdong’s new coverage solution covers the base station. Test results show that the test area can significantly enhance the indicators, and enhance the test area of wireless coverage. In March 17th, Ericsson and Swiss operator Swisscom announced "" the world’s first "underground station", and plans to deploy 250 sites in Switzerland in 2016. However, this guy called Ericsson covers the base station has landed in China, and Guangdong Telecom has successfully completed the current network test. In fact, Xiao Bian in Beijing communications exhibition also witnessed the manhole cover base station, but also stroked a few. Unexpectedly, the China Telecom has completed the test so soon. Well, the old news and then replayed again, take a look at the underground station". (if Ericsson has an upgrade, don’t hit me), the scheme uses the existing city pipeline manhole, respectively, the antenna system and LTE Small Cell buried underground. Because of the on-site resources such as fiber optic cable in the manhole, the scheme can save 50% of the cost according to Swisscom. The whole system adopts Ericsson Vault Remote Radio Unit, Kathrein Street Connect underground micro cell antenna system, respectively installed under the manhole cover. For a lot of people worried about dust and waterproof issues, Ericsson said, the device dust waterproof level reached IP68. What is the concept of IP68? Completely dustproof, dust can not enter; equipment seal, sustainable immersion more than 1 meters deep water. In addition, the equipment can withstand the temperature range of -40 to 65 degrees. Then look at the test results of Guangdong telecom. From Ericsson China reported recently, Ericsson and China Telecom Guangdong company successfully completed the new coverage solution covers network testing base station. Test results show that the test area can significantly enhance the indicators, and enhance the test area of wireless coverage. With the large-scale deployment of 4G network and data traffic in the city in the new station, addressing more and more difficult, especially in the city center, traffic dense population density residential area, covers the base station can provide effective Ericsson network coverage enhancement. The current network testing data show that the index increased, the average value of RSRP increased by 13.51dB, the average value of SINR promoted 8.81dB, PDCP layer downlink rate of up to 169%, PDCP uplink rate increased by 339%, VoLTE increased by 15.3% MOS. To test the site opposite the building property room, the results showed that the indoor wireless coverage and performance are very significant upgrade, the system switching and peripheral macro station smooth handover success rate reached 100%. (outline of the antenna and test site) Ericsson new coverage solution covers the base station project is easy to implement, convenient location, convenient deployment. The patented antenna has the advantages of small size, light weight, low addressing difficulty and difficult construction. It is suitable for the areas with difficult location and weak local coverage. The solution?

广东电信黑科技:井盖当基站 成功完成现网测试 [摘要]近日,爱立信与中国电信广东公司成功完成新型覆盖解决方案井盖基站的现网测试。测试结果显示,可显著提升试验区各项指标,增强试验区的无线覆盖。3月17日,爱立信和瑞士运营商Swisscom宣布已经“种”下了全球第一个“地下基站”,并计划2016年在瑞士部署250个站点。不过,这个被爱立信称为井盖基站的家伙已经登陆中国,并且,广东电信已经成功完成了现网测试。其实,小编在北京通信展上也亲眼目睹了这个井盖基站,还抚摸了好几把。没想到,这么快中国电信已经完成了测试。嗯嗯,老新闻再重播一遍,先来看看这个“地下基站”。(如果爱立信有升级,不要打我)该方案利用城市现有管道人孔,分别将天线系统和LTE Small Cell埋入地下。由于人孔内已有光缆等现场资源,该方案据Swisscom称可节省50%的成本。整个系统采用爱立信Vault Remote Radio Unit、Kathrein Street Connect地下微小区天线系统,分别安装在井盖下。关于很多人担心的防尘防水问题,爱立信表示,该设备的防尘防水等级达到IP68。IP68是什么概念呢?完全防尘,灰尘无法进入;设备密封,可持续浸入超过1米深的水中。另外,该设备可承受温度范围为-40到65度。接着再来看看广东电信的测试结果。来自《爱立信中国》报道,近日,爱立信与中国电信广东公司成功完成新型覆盖解决方案井盖基站的现网测试。测试结果显示,可显著提升试验区各项指标,增强试验区的无线覆盖。随着4G网络大规模部署以及数据流量激增,城市中新站寻址越来越困难,尤其是在话务密集的中心城区、人口密度大的住宅小区,爱立信井盖基站可以提供有效的网络增强覆盖。本次现网测试数据显示各项指标大幅提升,RSRP平均值提升了13.51dB,SINR平均值提升了8.81dB,PDCP层下行速率提升了169%,PDCP层上行速率提升了339%,VoLTE MOS提升了15.3%。对站点对面物业大楼的室内进行测试,结果显示室内无线覆盖以及性能都提升非常显著,该系统与周边宏站的切换顺畅,切换成功率达到100%。(图为天线示意图以及测试站点)爱立信新型覆盖解决方案井盖基站工程实施方便快捷,选址方便,部署便捷。拥有专利技术的该形天线体积小、重量轻,降低寻址难度和施工难度,适用于选址困难、局部弱覆盖的区域。该解决方案不暴露天线和馈线,可以看做隐形的基站。井盖基站可提供较好的上下行速率性能,在速率性能方面与宏站相同。该解决方案可有效改善了深度覆盖场景的弱覆盖,提升了信号强度RSRP、信号质量SINR、上下行数据吞吐率以及VoLTE通话质量。系统运行稳定,可经受住了恶劣自然环境的考验。把基站埋在地里,不知道来年会不会长出一个新基站?相关的主题文章:

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