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Fusion of Land Rover technology to create what kind of SUV? Test drive car Sohu Tiggo 7- page first: the most impressive Tiggo 7 after half a year, is Chery’s 20 birthday, since 1997, can be said that the history of the 20 years is a China independent brand passenger car, the Chery had to buy overseas platform, imitation, independent research and development, have the core technology, reverse development, copy classics, brand differentiation, painstaking research, brand reengineering, positive development and a series of process. Today we want to introduce the Chery Tiggo 7, from the beginning of 2012, the Chery concept TX, after nearly 5 years of the positive development of the product, the new T1X platform which was born in the Chery 2 era of independent research and development, the full integration of the Jaguar Land Rover and qoros technology to create. Chery, the staff of the Tiggo 7 defined as Chery’s new flagship product, participate in R & D staff with Tiggo 7, Tiggo 7 said of the difference with competitors, he is very confident, he believes that this time Tiggo 7 in various aspects such as build quality is better than that of the hand, and said in his own personal experience, also heard a lot of foreigners recognized, it makes me curious Tiggo 7. Before my colleagues have done a detailed static experience, you can click the related reading last check, I want to emphasize here to talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of Tiggo 7, and drive the feeling. Because the test model is still loading test, so the final production car will have to improve the details. Open many of the Chery models, but if I have to evaluate Tiggo 7 I think he should be the most, unlike Chery’s Chery car. Why do you say that, because I think a lot of Chery Tiggo 7 broke the historical tradition, if I saw it for the first time, the brand LOGO is blocked, I never guess it from Chery. Comparison of 3 and Tiggo Tiggo 5, Tiggo 7, you will find the visual body is elongated, center of gravity of the body becomes lower, body lines such as water flow is no longer smooth, Tiggo 5 square as tall image. From the design, is no longer a kind of pursuit of big image, more refined and full of sense of the times, the design is its original style and decorative collocation focus on building body just perfect, waistline, very layered, with exquisite lighting, Tiggo 7 feel more like a fine art. The biggest impression is the minimalist interior design, no cumbersome too much, smooth and clean. The first is the design of the suture cortex + attracted me, there is a sense of quality, but the console and other parts of a hard seat, the same fine leather fabric, hands up and sit very comfortable. The steering wheel and the dashboard is a new design, different from the usual tachometer and speedometer models, reverse position and tachometer, counterclockwise rotation, very strange, functional classification of the onboard computer is simple and intuitive. The control panel of only a few simple shortcuts, large screen, the menu is very simple, convenient operation, in addition to the common navigation, Bluetooth and other functions, it can also realize the voice operation, such as I said to navigate to the train station or the air conditioning temperature of 26 degrees)相关的主题文章:

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