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Fujian Minqing floods 13 officials were accountable – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in August 28, (Long Min) in Minqing County, the typhoon hit Fuzhou this year first NEPARTAK "in the past more than a month after 28 am Fuzhou official informed that the disaster relief work the responsibility of 13 people and the poor 4 responsible units, according to discipline in accordance with regulations to make a serious deal. The official data show, July 9th at 13:45 on the landing in Fujian Shishi coastal "NEPARTAK" hit Fujian, resulting in flooded farmland, urban water, housing collapse, landslides, traffic disruption. Among them, Minqing suffered the most serious disaster, the county’s population of 1/3, the direct economic loss of 5 billion 230 million yuan (RMB, same below); as of July 17th 12 statistics, to verify the death tolls of 73 people, 17 people missing. In view of the problems existing in the disaster prevention and relief in Minqing, a joint investigation team was established in Fuzhou. The official said, after investigation, serious natural disasters in Minqing county is mainly caused by the heavy casualties and property losses. After the disaster, Minqing county actively organize disaster relief and post disaster recovery and reconstruction, but some cadres ideological paralysis, disaster relief and emergency practice ability is insufficient, lack of consultation on analyzing flood, disaster, disaster prevention and disaster relief operation mechanism is not smooth, the preliminary report for post disaster disaster deaths data is not timely, accurate, emergency on duty system is not perfect, not standardized. The official reporter inventory found that several officials being held accountable leadership responsibility of the preliminary report of the death tolls data after the disaster. 13 responsible to be held accountable, including Huang Shiyang, former deputy secretary of Minqing County on behalf of the county, Minqing county Party members, deputy magistrate, County flood control headquarters deputy commander Zheng Shiping, Minqing county Party Secretary Lin Yuanhui ban Dong Zhen, Minqing County, East Town Party committee deputy secretary of Osaka mayor Zhan Qiaoying etc.. Among them, Huang Shiyang poor leading responsibility for disaster prevention and relief work, the disaster of the preliminary report of the death tolls data have the primary leadership responsibility, given the party a serious warning, adjust the job processing. At the same time, the Minqing party secretary Xu Yonggui to the disaster relief work guidance and supervision of the County flood control headquarters ineffective, the death tolls of data reported to work track is not enough, by the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee decided, was given the party warning. Previously, Huang Yang Yang, Lin Yuanhui, Zhan Qiaoying and other officials that have been stopped to perform their duties, the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of agriculture, party secretary, Secretary of the county also replaced Huang Yang Yang served as Deputy Secretary of the county committee of Minqing, on behalf of the county magistrate. Post disaster recovery and reconstruction in Minqing is now in an orderly manner. It is understood, Fuzhou, Cangshan, Fuqing, Changle, Lianjiang Mawei five counties were aided 7 towns in Minqing county have been seriously affected, the implementation of 26 projects, reconstruction funds amounted to 178 million yuan; floods in Minqing urban housing reconstruction will strive to basically completed in 2017 before the new year, before the Spring Festival to ensure the comprehensive reconstruction households moved into new homes. (end)相关的主题文章:

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