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Foreign media: MH370 crashed into the sea before the experience of death jump unfolding flap – Sohu Military Channel graph is found in the coast of Tanzania confirmed that the wreckage of flight MH370. According to the September 18th Chinese Daily quoted the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported that investigators said, according to the latest analysis of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost a piece of wreckage flap. The results show that the Boeing 777 airliner crashed into the sea before have a horrible death "jump", i.e. up to 20000 feet (about 6096 m) per minute from 35000 feet (about 10668 meters) altitude straight into the sea. 15 this month, the Malaysia traffic department said in a statement in June this year, found in Tanzania coast wreckage confirmed that the flight MH370 aircraft debris is lateral flap. A movable wing flap device especially modern wing edge part, the basic utility is to increase the lift in flight. Although the Australian Transport Safety Bureau insisted that the detection work about the wreckage of the flap is ongoing, but the bureau responsible person told the reporter that Peter? Welfare, Australia analysis results show that the MH370 flight crashed into the sea of the moment, but this did not put down the flap in the wings to zoom. Under normal circumstances, if the pilot tried to make a soft landing, must put down the flap. This indicates that the MH370 flight is up to 20000 feet per minute from 35000 feet straight into the sea, not to make an emergency landing and taxiing. Welfare said that satellite data analysis showed that the MH370 flight crashed very fast and growing, "location of the falling speed plus flap – if found flap not down — will almost certainly exclude artificially controlled emergency landing or slip line. Now in fact confirmed, the flap is not down." March 8, 2014, carrying 239 people Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Malaysia to Beijing on the way lost contact. January 29, 2015, the Malaysia Civil Aviation Authority announced the MH370 flight crashed, and presumed all personnel on board were killed. The following year in July 22nd, Malaysia, Australia, China Transport Minister decided to convene a meeting, if the flight MH370 is not found in the current designated 120 thousand square kilometers of the search range, the search will end. Malaysia said that as of now, a total of 22 suspected MH370 flight wreckage was found in Mozambique, Tanzania and other places, but has not yet found the exact trace of the main body of the aircraft.相关的主题文章:

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