Foreign licensing network about the car problem more than Beijing network should not be limited to t winavi video converter

Net foreign license about car problem of Beijing network about cars should limit " " – Beijing recently had many taxi experience people found in drops, excellent step network about the car platform called the car to the field more and more common, and the Hebei license are. Because these cars limit line, passengers will throw in the way around, do not know the way to increase fares etc. are Tucao, even severe violation of the situation. There are people who broke the news media because of the cancellation of orders by SMS threat. In this regard, a lawyer said, a large number of foreign cars in Beijing engaged in the network about car operations, will increase the city’s traffic pressure and congestion, should be introduced as soon as possible to limit the local rules. Network about the car to experience a foreign license plate network about the car running red lights scare passengers in the field of Beijing about more and more cars, more and more problems, the reporter a few days ago was forced to experience a. Is it? Saturday around 8 p.m., reporters from the near east city of Victoria Bridge to the red scarf of Simon near and friends dinner. Because of the time the reporter called drops express, and soon there will be a single driver. Roadside waiting for the car, the reporter noted that the vehicle is connected to a single Hebei license, but because of the time the reporter had to get on the car. The driver is a forty year old man with a strong Hebei accent. He followed the road? Navigation, when the car on the road workers ready to turn left into gongtixilu, turn left on the left turn waiting for long queues of vehicles, the reporter did not urge the case, the driver went straight across to the right lane, speeding up straight to the intersection, even the red light turn left. At this time, the vehicle has started north-south through the intersection, the express reporter ride was abruptly stopped in the middle of the road, the normal running of the vehicle was forced to detour through the intersection from the front. Until a car traveling south to North a pause, the driver must attack, accelerate turnaround. The reporter surprised out in a cold sweat. After dinner to go home, the reporter then hit the drops express, pick up the car is still a license in Hebei. The limit line detour, not knowing the way many passengers Tucao reporter interviewed a number of people found recently about the car hit the net platform car field situation is very common, especially in the evening. In addition to appear occasionally in serious violation of the situation, because these foreign cars limit line detour, passengers will throw in the way, not knowing the way to increase fares and other reasons were passengers tucao. The public Miss Ren told reporters a few days ago, she called a bit fast to Xuanwumen, such as more than and 20 minutes later a car outside the car, the driver on the bus, walk into his car near the main road, and asked if he could take the roads around the road. The taxi has spent a long time, Miss Ren reluctantly agreed, "but did not expect to go around, and finally the time spent more money than usual." Miss Ren said that she had encountered before, the destination in the second ring within a distance, the driver received a single but directly threw her to the edge of the ring, said the license plate is not limited to, let her go. Foreign cars do not recognize the road also let passengers anxious. Ms. sun from a public Exhibition Road near the Guangming Village to express a bit, to Fuchengmen on the bridge, the driver should go straight ahead. Zero相关的主题文章:

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