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Deutsche Bank shares fell below 10 for the first time in the history of European psychological barrier option trading volume soared U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 30 Boxun Peng   for the first time in history, Deutsche Bank shares fell below 10 euros, but also for its traders prepare to fall further. The Deutsche Bank put stock options, the exercise price of 8 euros in the largest options open. Although investors since June began Jiancang, but the popularity of the display options, they are for the further decline of hedge. On Friday, the lowest intraday price dropping 9.90 euros, or up to 9%. This month, Deutsche Bank stock options trading volume soared, the outside world increasingly worried that the bank was unable to bear the high cost of terrorism, its share price fell to record lows. On Monday, the put option hit a new high of 7 years, and open positions rose to their highest level ever. "The stock price fell below a very important psychological barrier," said CMC Markets, a London based analyst at Michael in. "For banks such as Deutsche Bank, whose share price was a bit of a light year away from the single digits in 2008, it has fallen to a single digit. If you can break below 10 euros, then where is the next target? Shares fell to 8 euros, I think it is entirely possible." Deutsche Bank’s share price has fallen by 90% since its peak in 2007, in May. The exercise price in option contracts 8 euros scale of more than 83000, while in June only about 32000. The size of the option, which expires next December, has risen by 14% since September 6th. Deutsche Bank option is one of the most traded options on the European futures exchange on Friday. In June, the exercise price of 10 euros due in March and the option exercise price is the highest in varieties of contract volume put option 7.6 euros. Deutsche Bank spokesman Don Hunter declined to comment on the company’s share price volatility and options trading activities. Editor: Li Li SF053相关的主题文章:

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