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Aviation Soaring above the clouds is something that most of us have dreamt about. Now this dream can become a reality with the mushrooming of Flying Clubs in India. At a flying club not only can you pursue flying activities by renting aircraft you can also provide flight training, perform flight planning facilities, get pilot supplies and associated services. The whole aspect of flying was out of reach for many Indians before due to the lack of infrastructure namely clubs and aviations schools along with the fact that pursuing training for flying or practicing it as a hobby proved to be really expensive for the common man. Lack of finances was probably one of the most integral reasons for many a man to drop the dream of soaring in the sky. In the past few decades this has all changed and learning to fly is easier than ever before. The opening up of the Indian market, the rise of the economy and the coming up of several private banks has made the whole process of financing much easier. Nowadays banks around the country offer student loans for a substantially low interest rate. This has allowed students flying enthusiasts to pursue the skill of flying at flying clubs across the country. However the most significant change that has come in the aviation sector is the growth of many private airlines that in turn creates more jobs for pilots. In order to cater to this growing demand, flying clubs across India are not only offering global standards of flight training but are also training the students in brand new state of the art aircrafts. From simulator rooms to expert flight instructors, flying clubs are not leaving any aspect out and equipping themselves with the most advanced instruments, facilities and courses. At par with some of the best global flying clubs, the Indian counterparts are proving to be a boon for students who would like to pursue a career as a pilot. Cheaper, cost-effective and efficient, the Indian flying clubs are a great option for budding pilots who cannot afford to go abroad for flight training. The flight schools abroad are not only more expensive that the Indian schools but the peripheral costs that are involved including food and lodging add more to the already exorbitant cost of education. The stark difference between the flying clubs abroad and those in India is not because the Indian schools offer inferior quality. Students that qualify from schools in India have to pass stricter set of qualifying standards than that offered in countries abroad. This one of the primary reasons why, pilots that have qualified from Indian flying clubs are highly regarded in the aviation sector. Flying clubs in India have come of age and offer the best facilities and the finest education for aspiring pilots. It is no wonder then that more and more students are now shifting focus to Indian flying clubs for pilot training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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