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Fast station integral standings new on-line, try to come! Sohu, science and technology owners worry and worry, after the music music station stand today to bring you a brother, a burst of plug-ins — leaderboard leaderboards inserted in the site, the user is a kind of incentive mechanism. 1) can increase the number of active users and replies; 2) can let the user through the micro powder function more to help promote save fans. Exactly how, please pull down the old rules, 1) [] to find the cloud store [] into the marketing activities, [leaderboard] 2) in the open application, can edit the page in the left column of the [Third], [Party leaderboard] into the page; 3) points ranking the list of "name list" can be changed! Point into [user management], you can view the user’s points, you can also modify. Integral list out of the bug, how to do? Because the request data to go through a number of procedures, so if it is possible to slow down. This plugin developed by the personal development of the whirlwind studio plus, such as bug, you can directly contact the whirlwind studio. Fast stand to support the third party developers settled in the cloud store and whirlwind studio, as long as you have a hole, will be designed to understand the beauty, application, plug-ins, templates..!相关的主题文章:

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