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Marketing Every now and then we here fire is causing massive destructions all over the country. Specially the big garments factories are in very vulnerable position if they do not have a proficient fire alarm system. You cannot ignore the vengeance of fire and not all the fire alarm system in Bangladesh you can put your trust. In Bangladesh fire causes destruction of billions of dollar resources every year. Now days most industries have become concerned about the hazard. So they are taking initiatives to protect their properties from destruction. This safety initiative requires specific installation of equipment including construction of buildings, factories and other important properties with defense mechanisms. Ezzy Automations the leading automation and safety services provider is offering comprehensive safety solutions for homes and prominent business houses all around Bangladesh specially fire alarm and automated fire detection system. Safety Measurements, the Best Way than Fighting an Event: Before inauguration every major establishments should make a concentrated plan for safety and instant fire control amenities which comprises with international building code standards. All engineering and architectural curriculum have special emphasis on safety measurements. The installments of fire alarm systems required special skills as well as specialized set of equipment that work together to protect specific commercial or other important peripheries. A fire alarm system can be devised with a set of electrical or electronic devices working together to detect and alert people through visual and audio appliances when a split of fire is detected or senses a slight emission of smoke. A fully automated system may integrate with smoke detectors, heat detectors and water flow sensors. A perfectly established system can detect and extinguish fire from its initial stage. All systems provided by Ezzy Automations have the required set of amenities that most international standards recommend. Most times its been found that the automated fire alarm and extinguishing systems breakages during the appropriate situation. So peoples usually get unnoticed during a hazardous situation. For most cases it is nothing but spending a substantial of money for a reason that causes billions of losses. Ezzy Automations has established automation and safety solutions with most internationally reputed brands like: Leader which is considered as the most efficient fire safety brands in the world. A standard fire alarm system usually consists with: Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP): This is a unique module which may also consider the heart of the system that consistently monitors inputs and efficiency of the system. It also generates outputs and transforms the information by understandable alarms and other meaningful gestures. Primary Power Supply: Usually the power system management is an integral part of any system. Most cases the power is connected from the electricity grid. There are high quality circuits to protect the system from superfluous power situations. Secondary (Backup) Power Supplies: On most situations the major initiative is taken to cutoff the power supply from the power grid, even some times the occurrence can disrupt the electricity supply to the system. For uninterrupted power supply this secondary backup system is necessary. Initiating Devices: There are automatic initiating devices comprise in a perfectly commissioned automatic system. There are devices like: heat detectors, smoke detectors and pull stations that should act automatically to sense the probability of a hazardous. The combination of these systems integrated with the control panel is necessary. Notification Appliances: To protect the hazard on closure proximity and to take instant action all automatic fire alarm systems combines with notification devices like: flashing light, strobe light, electromechanical horn, beeper horn, chime, bell, speaker, or a combination of these devices. When any issue of fire occurs all these notification devices activated and warn the authorities and other personnel around to evacuate and take actions instantly. Building Safety Interfaces: This is a construction issue that allows appropriate natural lighting, air ventilation to pull away the smoke from a building, to control the fast spread of fire, to have a quick evacuation path for human and to enter the fire fighters easily on the periphery. These interfaces can be integrated/build before and even after construction by supervision of safety experts. Ezzy Automations team up with most efficient safety experts, engineers and technicians who are able to build or reform almost any safety installations under international standards and practices followed by most modern entities of the world. To know more about the fire alarm systems and fire safety solutions provided by Ezzy Automations, please do contact: Ezzy Automations House No: 214, Road No: 13, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka- 1206, Bangladesh Phone No: +88-02-8711879-80 Fax: +88-02-8714623 Email: [email protected] [email protected] Web: www.ezzyautomations.com About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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