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Emotional drama "Hey, kids" hit children sparked heated debate – Sohu   entertainment; emotional drama "Hey," the child hit entertainment Sohu directed by renowned director Yazhou Yang, Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, Qi Xi, starring Han Qing, Zheng Kaiding force to join the city emotional drama "hey," children in Zhejiang the heart warming TV hit, the show began broadcasting the first week immediately set off numerous topics. Recently, the network triggered by a drama should be born after marriage, the voting topic, once again sparked heated debate. The drama played by Li Xiaoran are the gold medal female anchor Jia Yuanyuan, with its fashionable appearance, rich expression was friends known as the "gold medal" expression emperor ", a forthright, generous" is included in the classic sayings expression package. But such a generous magnanimous Li Xiaoran in the TV series "Hey," the child has also suffered an embarrassing situation. In the family full of joy when life comes to family, but was told the doctor is "false pregnancy", this can let her anxious eyes, looked at every day also cannot hide from it, and how to deal with the crisis of spicy pseudopregnant female anchor Li Xiaoran? In the TV series "Hey, kid", Jiang Wenli and Guo Xiaodong two acting crazy Biao play, let the game considerably, in this regard, users refer to fun. And Jiang Wenli in the bar the true confessions of the play, but also cry a piece of audience, too child, and I recently tears lower??. Jiang Wenli played a "single mother lost" rhyme, due to their own problems cannot bear, want to get a son through "borrow eggs son", was strongly opposed by her husband, the couple once referred to this divorce. To children or to marriage, sharp problems, causing great controversy netizens, should not have children after marriage, marriage without a child is really not happy? Is it not to have children, do not owe anyone an explanation, or do not have children, is selfish? Please continue to lock Zhejiang TV China blue theater, to witness the family on the "child" series of stories, to discuss the marriage should not be born sharp problems in children.相关的主题文章:

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