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Business In the business field, there need to be experts ready to teach the others the basic principles of how the show is run. One of the greatest coaches in the area is for sure Emile Haddad Seattle, who has proven throughout the years that he has a strong vision about business, management and leadership. He emphasizes the importance of having an efficient leader who will be able to get things to another level by staying close to people and allowing them to unfold their natural feelings. Probably one of the key pieces of a successful managing team is the person who sets the tone and who is capable of focusing all resources towards the .mon goals. Emile Haddad Seattle believes that motivation needs to be the managers first option. In this case, he should be able to stimulate people into giving their best and also .pensating for their weaknesses. It is not a good idea to show people their weak point in a very dismissive way. The best is to help them surpass the problems in order for the .pany to benefit from this growth. It is important for a leader to have awesome .munication skills, because in this way he is able to get hold on the opinions of others. With the help of efficient .munication, all the disputes will be solved in the most decent way possible and the energies need to be guided to a better understanding of people. Another point emphasized by Emile Haddad Seattle in many of his lectures is that the strategy of a manager is cunning and even bold in order to keep the employees motivated at all costs. It may imply offering them enough challenges to keep them interested and also granting consistent motivational rewards for the ones who take them. In that way there is no reason to be afraid that people will start procrastinating as they have in front of them both the target and the rewards. The key is to wel.e good initiative and to avoid being harsh towards a rather strange idea. In many cases those awkward thoughts may lead to something quite innovative. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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