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Eleven small holiday outbound started ahead of North America and the southern hemisphere favored by the Beijing – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Quanjie correspondent Chen Shuming, Niu Tiansheng) recently, the reporter learned from the travel agency, although the National Day has not officially arrived, but the eleven long-term outbound has 27 start, a lot of visitors to avoid the National Day on the day of the peak passenger travel in advance. It is reported that, although this year can not be the same as last year’s National Day Mid Autumn Festival, please 3 off 12, but the number of people traveling in advance is still increasing. From the travel system data show that this year the number of people choose to travel 27 days ahead of the ~30 last year accounted for 60.24%, compared with the same period in 2014, an increase of 23.04%. North and South Hemisphere 10 days the most popular reporter visited found that most people will take annual leave with the National Day golden week together, one or two families or a group of friends to join false travel. The United States Canada has become the most beautiful autumn season, and now the southern hemisphere is the most beautiful time, in Nanhu, this year’s National Day outbound long-term travel to exit the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand long, ahead of nearly 28 thousand people, 71.6% people in 27 and 28 of them went to the number of North American and southern hemisphere accounted for 61.47% of the total number. The "package" from free traffic on mainland tourism, in addition to conventional products in many choices, free also by many visitors attention, become one of the key sections of the travel agency eleven golden week pushing. With the car owners tend to tickets, hotels and other single line of free booking is different, including the free trip to the line packaging products have become the main choice of the public holiday travel conditions have not yet been driven. Gztc tour of Hong Kong and Macao headquarters deputy general manager Jiang Xianghua said, although compared with private cars car traffic, long tour buses cost, but can avoid road fatigue, car tourists have adequate rest time, plus the convenience of the bus through the scenic area still attracts tourists not less. Especially for the relatively limited level of consumption of young consumers, is a good choice for travel. All ten products contain through Pakistan "Travel + ticket + Hotel", to drift, hot spring tourism, covering Qingyuan, Taishan, Xinhui, Huizhou, Sanshui, Zengcheng, travel for 2 days. 4 days after the tour prices dropped back to flat price with the concept of peak travel is becoming more and more mature, more and more people elastic trip, especially the old time elasticity and has paid annual leave of white-collar crowd. The second half of the golden week, the major airlines and hotels and other price is the main reason for the decline in travel prices. "From the beginning of 3, hot line price began to loose, 4 prices began to decline significantly, 4 ~5 days a lot of hot line space, accommodation is the vacancy. At the appointed time, the cost may be reduced by 15%~35%. Suggested that the second half of the National Day travel intention of the public, the choice of 5 days or so the most cost-effective travel products." Nanhu International Travel Planning Promotion Center Deputy Director Ceng Dafeng told reporters. From the current price of winter and winter outbound tourism product resources.相关的主题文章:

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