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Eleven Golden Week tourism freeze Taiwan Hong Kong Macao green voters: I worstenemy – Beijing [global times in Taipei, Hongkong, Macao special correspondent Xiao Shiyan Chen and Su Ning Zhou] eleven year golden week is Taiwan Hong Kong and Macao tourism most look forward to the day, from Chinese in tourists to tour, free form of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao tourism consumption, to revitalize the local economy. However, this year, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao tourism tasted a lot of sweetness. National Tourism Administration statistics show that Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao are no longer as the first choice for outbound tourists outbound travel, the number of trips to these three groups of tourists dropped last year. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency reported on 7, the National Tourism Bureau, the evening of 7 released data show that during the national day, the total number of outbound tourists with a group of about 1 million 399 thousand people, the average daily travel team of 200 thousand people, the annual increase of 11.9%. Taiwan and Hong Kong and Macao is no longer as the first choice for outbound travel, the weekend, short-term or outbound transfer station trends. Among them, the Hong Kong Group of tourists 9322 passengers, down by 127.48%, Macao group tourists to visit a total of 2338 passengers, down by 162.02%, to Taiwan group tourists, a decrease of 227.71%. Taiwan’s United Daily News, 8, said this figure is only part of the mission, but also low scary". Data for previous years can be found during the 2015 eleven mainland tourists (visitors with free) to Taiwan to 90 thousand passengers. "United Daily News" reported that 5 this month, only 499 mainland tourists entry, too horrible to look at. Mainland tourists to Taiwan sharply, sightseeing, laundry, etc. the hotel industry on behalf of 7 to Chiayi city (DPP counties) petitioned parliament. Xiao Shuli, Chiayi’s president, called on the city government to seek concrete measures to reflect public opinion to the authorities of the state of Cai Yingwen. Industry representatives gathered shouting "don’t turn off the light.", or related industry 30 thousand people fear of unemployment. Zhang Xiuhua, a member of the Chiayi City Council, said the city had spent 200 nights a night before the car park was empty. Taiwan province laundry commercial trade association chairman Zhang Yulong said, he is responsible for the hotel linen cleaning business, plunged into only two or three, two or three years ago it was hard to find a room, now the hotel room is to "mosquito", he is "green voters, recently a lot of friends laugh at me to kill myself". 3, Taiwan today news network reported that, after the start of the eleven holiday, Zhejiang Ningbo a travel agency launched the "Taiwan travel fun found blue power: 6 day tour of Taiwan, four batches of 8 counties tourist visitors to the blue camp ruling. Businessmen applauded, said mainland tourists return "is a big thing, I hope as soon as possible to meet the grand tour. Green is this "mad acid", Tainan mayor Lai Qingde, Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju said, to do so to mainland tourists and the industry is not fair. Ke Wenzhe, mayor of Taipei, also known as "off shore" is not to travel to taiwan". Taiwan "Central Daily" network newspaper commented that the number of visitors to Taiwan Land plummeted is only a silhouette of the cooling of the cross-strait relations, Taiwan’s tourism industry "winter has just begun". As long as the CAI authorities do not recognize the 92 consensus, Taiwan tourism can not be expected to turn. Hongkong SAR Government immigration department data show that from 1.相关的主题文章:

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