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Eagle 18 first revealed truth improvement can be in the most active warships – Sohu Shanghai military channel CCTV news text with map: the eagle -18 missile test launch pictures, visible emission, box test use may be slightly extended the eagle -83 missile wing box, can see the unfolding of the figure, wing is folded upward. Text with map: according to the news sources informed that the missile was an eagle model -18 series, from the analysis of the blunt round head, may be the eagle -18 land attack missile; another possibility is that this is a stage like missile flight test, supersonic flight is not installed on the end part of the penetration. Observer network: on the night of November 19th CCTV 7 programs "military reports" column reported our army weapon comprehensive test field test personnel deeds, first appeared in the news footage of a large cruise missile shot. It is reported that the scene, may be early like bomb Eagle -18 missile. If this news is true, then the footage shows that before the military analysts are wrong for many speculation Eagle -18, before many considered Eagle -18 launcher equipment is also another purpose. We can see from the picture, -18 not previously speculated Eagle missile heavy anti-ship missile, but can be launched from a modified Eagle -83 transmitter. Some data about Eagle -18 speculation also needs to be adjusted, such as the possible range of about 400 kilometers, and not more than 500 kilometers; the warhead weight may be 200-250 kg, not more than 300 kg. However, this also means that many China Navy active warships can equip Eagle -18 missiles, not only 052D 093B, nuclear submarines and other ships to carry a few.     it can be said that the CCTV broadcast Eagle -18 missile picture altogether broke many wrong guess about this missile. On the one hand, the western countries speculation that -18 is the imitation of the Russian 3M54 Eagle Crabbe "argument is groundless statement, 3M54 design and basic structure of the missile is completely different, but the size and the increasing range of penetration, similar principle. On the other hand, with the domestic media before the speculation, not heavy Eagle -18 anti-ship missile, its size is not increased too much than the eagle -83. Its range, according to news, about 400 km, with the Russian occupied 3M54 missile data is similar to the 370 km, far more than the export of 3M54E missiles of 220 km. In addition, Eagle -18 missile warhead wouldn’t reach before speculation 300-500 kg, in 200-250 kg, mainly rely on huge kinetic energy in supersonic flight enhanced the killing ability of terminal. However, the picture appeared in the eagle -18 missile configuration also has some puzzling place. For example, the missile head is blunt circular cone shape, rather than the general use of the supersonic missile. So it is speculated that this may be the full subsonic flight model used for ground attack, but with the russian.相关的主题文章:

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